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Car Boys is Griffin McElroy with frequent collaborator Nick Robinson.

And yes! The Adventure Zone is absolutely amazing. I consume so so much McElroy and McElroy adjacent content every week.

Now I'm pondering if I could somehow commission an Adventure Zone episode or maybe a Monster Factory...

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Is anybody else watching Car Boys on Polygon? What began as a funny series about goofing around in a driving simulator takes... well, something of a turn in episode 6. The playlist. Somebody on Tumblr clipped the amazing moment as well. But the whole series is well worth watching, including surprises both before and after that moment.

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MBMBAM - I Am Amelie
[youtube mCuBjMNlnVs youtube]

MBMBAM - Gom Jabbar
[youtube -1ueYJZ7GSY youtube]

MBMBAM - Blast My Cache!
[youtube elA6WDvKGG0 youtube]

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Is anybody here familiar with the McElroys and their shows? I love love love MBMBAM, The Adventure Zone, Monster Factory, etc. Like, it's gotten to the point where McElroy shows are like 75% of my media consumption and the other 25% is relistening to Hamilton, which I was introduced to via MBMBAM anyway! The Adventure Zone (their D&D podcast) is hitting on all cylinders right now and just so so good.

(Warning: Some of the early MBMBAM episodes can be pretty bad at times... they've done a lot of growing since then, though they still mess up once in a while.)

I'm going to link some of my favorite bits in replies.

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I saw U2 in Dallas with Hanson bopping along right next to me.

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And Xena!

Maybe it makes sense if you restrict it to major networks? Not sure.

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OMG, I'm just replying to this to say that I love that GIF! One of my favorite Giant Bomb moments of all time.

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#force4ham has been so good since the release of Force Awakens!

Spoilers for both Force Awakens and Hamilton within all these links:

1 2 3 4

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When I saw it I actually did start crying from like, pretty much the first song on, oftentimes because I was remembering future repeated refrains in much sadder contexts. And it actually was a problem because I kept having to wipe my eyes because I couldn't see very well through the tears!

And the worst/best part of seeing Hamilton live is that instead of quelling your hunger for seeing it, it just makes you want to see it again even more. My first tickets I'd bought back in July when hype was only at high levels instead of the astronomical level it's at now, so my second time seeing it will definitely have to be way more expensive.