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At some point, Matt is going to get tired of reading about himself ;-)

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I have a lot of those days. I think the key is knowing when there are bad days, because those are the ones we need to do something about.

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Squee!!! Thanks for the nomination - I'm looking for a way to pay it forward right now!

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You're very welcome....thanks for reading! - Deltra

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Thanks for reading, and for commenting!

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Thank you for sharing your story. I would never get to the "we're getting married" stage without telling someone about my disease. But WHEN do you bring it up? It's not an icebreaker, but those of us who're newly diagnosed (and single) are trying to find the right balance between "too much info, too soon" and being honest. I'll look at your blog and add it to my blogroll - I think a relationship with a bipolar can perhaps be as trying as having the disease. Best of luck! - Deltra

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Danielle - really interesting point about how western patriarchy hasn't worked for white people either, mostly because it's fallacious. And, by the way, white men wanted black mothers taking care of them too because white women were perceived to be too weak to be of any real value.

My concern today is that I feel like our mothers didn't have this public pity party for themselves the way our contemporaries do. Yes, they had to work, but they didn't feel bad about it, perhaps because they needed to for money. They went to work, held down the kids and the husband and didn't miss a beat. In retrospect I might not want to do all of that, I might want the man to share with the household duties moreso than our fathers did, but there was a certain sanity to it. I don't know, maybe with the work and the man and the kids we didn't have time for complaining. It just feels like Black women are backsliding in the confidence department. If we sat around wallowing in our circumstances, being reminded of the bad things in our lives, there would have been no Civil Rights movement.

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Cool! She's gorgeous. I just don't get it...

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I disagree about the quality of the music: the new record is really fantastic specifically because it isn\'t about crooning lovey-dovey ballads but rather about deep emotions that really suit Maxwell\'s maturing voice. The problem is the fans who only want to hear the falsetto, the \"lay you down baby\" lyrics. Listen to \"Help Somebody\" and the final instrumental cut on BLACKsummer\'snight which are mature and profound. None of the fans at the show I saw wanted anything to do with that kinda stuff. Totally unfortunate.

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The difference between the Maxwell now is not that he\'s effeminate, it\'s that he looks like he\'s faking something he clearly doesn\'t want to be faking anymore; I could feel his pain, see that he was in the midst of the no-win situation that you mention. My issue
is not with folks who don\'t come out, but with the heterosexism that makes it nearly impossible for the music industry (and narrow-minded fans, especially Black folks) to support an artist that doesn\'t sing boy-girl love songs. Look at an artist like Janelle Monae, who the industry and Black fans don\'t know what to do with because she\'s not shaking her ass and trying to sex up the world in a video. *shrugs*