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💜💜💜 for cricket magazine

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This trilogy was a hot mess with some truly amazing aspects. I loved the gigantic heretical library, and the concept and execution of Bill's memory of her mum being world-altering - gorgeous and heart-rending. However, the ideas feel recycled, particularly the dystopian rewritten world (Turn Left, Martha walking the Earth under the Master's regime) and the Monks (the Silence, plus the general look and sound of other past monsters).This is also where I started to notice Murray Gold recycling his own musical themes, mainly from the Matt Smith era. I also don't like it when the Doctor is jerkier than necessary for no good reason.

I'm known in my circles as the Plothole Plasterer (very good at finding reasons and justifications), but I couldn't even begin to fill the massive holes in these episodes.

All that said, I have a huge amount of compassion for the behind-the-scenes circumstances, and judge it much less harshly than I might otherwise. Moffat wasn't planning to stay for this season, and his mind and time were (completely understandably) in other places. I'm pretty sure Murray Gold had planned to exit as well, and stayed to finish it out with Moff and Capaldi before the handover. (I adore his scores, he's one of the best composers around - such distinctive and iconic themes for each character/setting. None of the new music was bad! Just familiar from a previous era, so felt out of context for me. Yes, I'm a score nerd.)

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I absolutely love that no part of her character or the plot revolved around her physical characteristics. It's all about how brilliant and quick she is.

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*sigh* Earworm implanted. High school choir medley = knowing all the words. You've never heard so many white girls mispronounce Hebrew.

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I believe Alan Menken's family is Jewish, so I assume there's some family/self parody as well.