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If she would have said something like this about Christians or Christian Churches she would have been praised and given a raise. Another attack on free speech in America.

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Why is she a racist when she's only telling the truth. Do your own research

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Why is she racist when she's only telling the truth. Do your own research.

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Dawn you are a sheep waiting to get slaughtered listen to your husband the government is not your friend they're our enemy. WAKE Up

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I knew my last post wasn't going to be posted. I see that your site also silences the truth. If you ban me from posting on your site it really doesn't matter because you will have a place in Hell waiting for you along with your masters.

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The Federal Reserve is a evil organization. It's not even connected with the federal government. It's just the Rothschild and Rockerfella Families who operate a sham to keep control over everyone in this nation. Do some searches of these 2 families like I did to find out the truth at what's really going on. I'm not sure how long this will be posted because they may also control Breitbart.

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I still can't understand why so many other black people are supporting this clown. Everything that he has done since he's been president has destroyed the black family and community. Many blacks where a very high number of the middle class which boomed during Reagan years as president. That was a great problem for the democrat party seeing that many blacks coming out of poverty and owning something and not having to depend on the democrat party. So they needed someone like Obama to trick blacks into voting once again for democrats so they could put them back into poverty where all liberals think they belong. The tip of the iceberg was when he made all Hispanics and Mexicans legal who have been the main block that has taken away jobs from many blacks. So just a little word of thought for those of you black people who voted for him. "How's that hope and change working out for you now"?

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As long as he has ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, XM 168 The Power and Michael Baisden are hiding the truth about this fraud of a president, then he will surely get elected again.. He hasn't completed his goal of taking down America from within yet for the Rothschild and the other 12 Satanic Families.

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This womans family comes from east germany where many of them when I was there hate anyone of color and will do anything to keep them down. That's why I'm not surprised why she keeps getting elected in a majority black district. She is the slave master of the democrat party to keep the plantation in full swing.

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You liberals are delusional and will be killing yourselves this time next year once your government checks stop coming.