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"I kind of make it a policy not to respond to ad hominem arguments." Is it me or is saying "ad hominem" something really really dumb people say during an argument to make themselves seem really really smart.

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The GW lanes were jammed by morons on a last chance power drive
All the emails and texts have been released Christie, so there's no place left to hide

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Well hey now, how do we know that Rand Paul didn't write the Wikipedia entry on Gattaca in the first place? Was the user's name Bongman4Ever by any chance?

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She turned Marcus Bachmann straight, then gay, then back to straight again and then finally asexual.

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This all makes sense now. Romney was only running for president after losing a $1 wager to Mortimer and Randolph Duke.

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Seems plausible. Although everything I know about Paul Revere, I learned from the Beastie Boys song about him on Licensed to Ill.

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I hears tell Michelle's working on her own rap album in the White House's basement studio. Working title is "It Takes A Nation Of Morbidly Obese Millions To Hold Us Back".

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Hell, throw in a side order of crazy bread and some dippin' sauce and I'll vote for him.

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I think I saw that place on an episode of "Hoarders" last week.

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I'm glad she clarified that she approves of this message. For a minute I thought she was appearing in the commercial at the behest of the Satanic cockatoo that lives in her head.