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But would that make her a smart-ass?

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To sweeten that offer, I'll donate an "I'm with stupid" tee-shirt to every member of the screening audience.

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This makes me very happy. Having seen him up close and from afar, he is a grotesque, ugly, fat fuck - inside and out. The only thing of value to every ooze from the odious gasbag was methane.

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So he has a problem with the "coloureds"? Does he burn tyres at these get-togethers? Bleedin' tosser!

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but before that, lets dimension BroPax's brain:

dim brain (1,1,1)

too generous?

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San Francisco has Cesar Chavez (nee Army St. - I still call it that by habit), MLK Jr. Drive (nee South Drive), and now, intersecting w/ MLK - Nancy Pelosi Drive (nee Middle Drive). So SF decided to shitcan the Army, the South, and the Middle. Sounds about right.

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I hope Will directs this trenchant train of analysis on his beloved cubbies:

The Cubs always lose because they are single mothers running from feral dogs.

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Longtime SF Comical subscriber & SF resident. MY copy of the paper had an entire SECTION of the newspaper w/ 100 pt heads on DOMA/Prop8. Guess you have to pay real monies for news today. In fact, the Chron site that is behind the pay wall has copious coverage. It is just these damn intertubes and suburban editions that at dated.

But what do I know. I still miss Charles McCabe.

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"Texas can finally secede and then we can legally embargo all their bullshit."

We're going to need a bigger customs warehouse.

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I resemble that remark!