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WTF?!? Absolutely devastating ... RIP Andrew, you'll be missed

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High gas prices exacerbated a bad situation, but certainly weren't the cause of the '08 financial collapse. But then again, economic issues were never this guys area of expertise. Good thing this election will revolve around the morality of using rubbers and gheys marrying each other, Rick's a pro on those.

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If you don't get paid to do this, you're one of the saddest, most pathetic people on an Internet stuffed with them.

Fixed for accuracy.

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You mean they've actually sold 8,000 of these POS's?

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Coming form one of the Breitbart Flavor of the Month (maybe that should be week, now?) crowd, I'll take that as a compliment.

Come on people. Do you want a conservative president, or don't you? Take a breath, and look at the candidates you've got. Ask yourself, who running has governing experience, conservative instincts, and a record of conservative achievements to point to? There's only one up there, and it ain't Rick Santorum. Republicans like Santorum are what brought us Pelosi and Obama. Try again.

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yes, he endorsed Spector and explained why - to ensure conservative Supreme Court justices.

Specter voted to confirm both Sotomayor and Kagan, two of the most left wing USSC Justices in history! Seriously, that's Santorum's defense? Way to fail, Rick!

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Santorum also said Arlen Spector was a good guy and endorsed him over then primary challanger Pat Toomey. Four years later, Spector would defect to the Democrats to gve Obama his filibuster proof Senate because the GOP had grown too extreme for him, having nominated a conservative fire-breather lke John McCain to run for the presdency. Two years after that, PA got an excellent Senator in Spector's former seat, a Mr. Pat Toomey.

Meanwhile, both Santorum and Spector remain unemployed today, and rightfully so.

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I'm actually pretty sure Alan Colmes is a douche-nozzle at heart.

Then again, so is Santorum.

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You know how the MBM likes to portray us on the right as nothing but racist extremists? Well now it's time to prove them right!

Ron Paul 2012!!!

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But I think Romney does understand this and is right now showing the proper mercenary impulse when it comes to using the media in a way that benefits his own campaign. Obviously, this strategy will have to change considerably should he win the nomination, and I not only think it will, I think that what so many on our side see as a vice today will look like quite the virtue post-Labor Day.

That's cute Nolte, I think a lot of things too. But my "thinks" tend to be based in reality. I think Romney's skin is about as thin as Obama's. Now there's not much to go on as Romney has to this point been hardly challenged, but I do remember that one debate where Perry pressed him on the illegal landscapers and the guy cried like a little girl to moderator Anderson Cooper, and then there's the light pressing he got from that vicious teddy bear Bret Baier in which he behaved like an entitled little prick, shocked anyone would dare question him on anything.

This is the same BS I heard from people in 2008 about Obama, so much hope over what they "thought" he'd do, little introspection on who the guy actually is and what he's actually done. I know you're just trying to polish this turd we're likely to be left with Nolte, but please, leave the wish-casting "thinks" to the liberals.