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the scaffolding command I ran was 'ruby script/generate scaffold Entry'. The author of the book has responded that the version of the book I am using was written for Rails 1. I have Rails 2 installed. I think that might be adding to my difficulties.

Thanks for the reply Jaime.

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Don't discount the kids version of the Clif's Z Bar which is marketed to kids. They taste great, are little lighter and less calories. Perfect for a light workout day.

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My grilling plans for this weekend are to sit down and with a cold beer or three and watch someone else do it! My grilling skills are on par with my line dancing skills - non-existent. I need the book and the seasonings to help compensate for my poor genes. (@muchosalsa)

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You make good points. When the printing press came out there were probably people that said "if you aren't handwriting it in ink than its not literature". I don't want to be that naive. I purposely left out blogging from my argument above because I think there are beautiful and creative posts. There are also great comments. People are having conversation and that is great.

Maybe my main beef is with Twitter. I expect there to be more but maybe in the end it is just phatic (thank you @tacanderson http://www.newcommbiz.com/twitter-is-phatic/) and a new breed of search. In that case beauty and creativity aren't necessary.

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I tell my runner friends and their significant others that What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is something they need to pick up. Murakami does a great job of putting into words the thoughts that drive many runners including me. Here is my review: http://muchosalsa.com/blog/running/32/book-review...

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Congratulations Brad! That's a nice time especially considering your state of mind entering the race. I also know that this isn't the easiest time of year to get consistent training done in Colorado. Great job!

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Nice job Brad. Combats that fire-starter article about bloggers dying. The point is get off your fat ass and live a little bit. Eating and drinking as your only breal when you aren't typing doesn't count.