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I'm not sure if that would be a good thing to find out how fu**ed we really are. But i would still like to know

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I agree it would be "a terrible precedent" for him. he wants to know that his job is safe. i can't remember anyone who has gotten elected and has broke every one of thier campiagn promises. and he still has a high approval rating. i'm sure that will change soon. once he getts his cap and trade inacted and all energy prices raise it'll crumble this country. Just look what happened last time gas prices rose up. not saying that was all to blame but i think it was the main reason for the recession. we have a year and a half before we can elect the new congress " i wish all of them were up for reelection". we need to really send a message to the politicians that they are suppose to work for us whether they are republican or democrat. we are the ones who need the money to get this country up and running agian. We can't afford this government it's way to big.

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well being from montana i would never even drive a car much less a small compact fuel efficient one. Mainly because i put alot of highway miles on deer infested roads. the main highway i drive had almost 1500 reported deer collisions in the last 3 years which caused 7 fatalities and thats only a 90 mile long highway. I've only hit one deer in my my 1979 GMC which was easily repairable, but i have seen new cars that get absolutely totaled just by the damage the deer does. Also coming from a place where i have seen it snow all 12 months i need a good 4 wheel drive. getting stuck in a blizzard in the winter isn't fun. I would never buy my kid a car either. So basically what would work LA wouldn't work here very much.

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They keep talking about the millions of gallons of fuel this will save. what about the revenue lost from the taxes from that fuel. Doesn't that money go straight to the already underfunded transportation dept. What good would these liitle cars be when they can't drive over the potholes and broken up roads when we run out of money to fix them. guess that would save alot of fuel. I suppose they could always print some more money to offset the loss

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Pretty soon i'll become a criminal and the junky on the corner will become a law abiding citizen, when they legalize drugs and outlaw firearms. Of coarse it makes sense a stoned population would be alot easier to control then an armed one. Oh read a post on here about moving to montana i have to say that it sucks here and i don't think we have enough room for anyone else.

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all right on that site it says "Thirteen of those glaciers have shown marked recession and some of the more intensely studied glaciers have proved to be just 1/3 of their estimated maximum size that occurred at the end of the Little Ice Age (circa 1850). " What do you think would happen at the end of a little ice age the ice to stick around? it's probably more amazing that they have lasted this long. Or maybe we should try to warm up our planet because they say yellowstone, which is a super volcano that erupts approximately every 600,000 years, is overdue for erupting. Which will leave the world in nuclear winter for years, might as well warm it up as much as we can first. Or we could just let the earth to take care of itself, it has overcome way worse then what we can do to it.

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hmm interesting proposal you think they would settle just for california, they would have to take all the libs with it to. Might just solve alot of our problems. of coarse the border would be way to big then. Would Mexico actually want california, Mexico would probably collaspe for sure then. of coarse i'm not serious or not that serious.

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I'm writing this to tell you all sorry, i'm to blame for this recession. because of the high cost of fuel last year i had to cut back on my purchase of consumer goods. This in turn had made the stock market fall i didn't realize that some of these home mortgages had been tied into the stock market. for these to be profitable they had to raise the interest rate on the borrowers. For those of you who got foreclosed i'm sorry. for those who got laid off because i didn't buy your consumer goods i'm sorry. if i would have known everyone would be having the same problems as me trying to pay for those higher fuel costs i might have tried to take out a loan i couldn't pay for so i could have bought more consumer goods. i didn't see how my actions of not doing my consumer resposibilities could affect the whole world at the time. I'm sorry for electing the politicians that were suppose to be smart and looking out for our wellbeing. They should have predicted this. now instead of relieving us when it could of helped they are selling us out. please just tell me that this whole mess could not have been prevented it might make me feel better