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This is an extremely sad situation that the possibility of losing the Street Faire is being discussed. I'm sure that there are costs and lots of planning involved, but the Street Faire is one of the most exciting and incredible things that has ever happened to Louisville. It has brought downtown Louisville to life after years of dormancy. If the Street Faire goes away, residents can expect many restaurant and shop closures, and much of the vibrancy and charm of downtown Louisville to disappear. There just aren't enough customers to keep the businesses thriving without special events like this.

I'm sure the complaints from Marco Toscano, as well as a few other neighbors, has had a big impact on this decision. This uproar from a handful of residents is exactly the type of thing that organizers don't want to deal with, and had been a big headache for them. It's very sad that it's come to this, and I hope that the city and downtown businesses will be able to come up with a plan to keep it going. Louisville is a great town and the Street Faire is one of the reasons it has been rejuvenated. Without it, things will be very different and the charm of downtown will slowly fade away.

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I drive on Folsom frequently, and it's not hard to see that this was a really bad idea. Cars trying to turn across traffic lanes back up the single lanes for a long time. As I was trying to get north to turn west on Pearl St., I sat thru the light on Folsom 3 times, along with many other cars. The one bike that rode thru during that time seemed to be doing fine. It looks like people will redirect their driving back to 28th Street and make that area even more crowded than it is already. Please reevaluate this and change it back to how it was a s soon as possible. This is a disaster!

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Good point, but I'm still unclear which party Sanders will represent if he continues his campaign - Democrat or Independent? If he continues as a Democrat, that's fine because Hillary will beat him out for the Democratic nomination. If he continues as a third-party candidate, it could be trouble. Think back to 2000 when Ralph Nader stole Al Gore's votes in Florida.....and solely because of that, we were stuck with four more years of Bush. If Sanders continues as a third-party candidate, there needs to be clear and loud communication to Sanders' supporters that if they vote for him, it only takes away votes from the Democrats and only increases the chances of a Republican victory. It's as simple as that and Sanders' supporters need to be reminded of the 2000 election!

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When people choose a home where they want to live, the parking situation at their residence needs to be taken into account. If I were to buy a home within a few blocks of downtown Boulder, I would expect that there will be people parking on the street near my house. It's the same situation near Chautauqua. If people parking on a public street near your home is something that bothers you, you should think about moving to a less popular/congested area, or have a home with a driveway. It's just common sense.

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The fact that Donald Trump is even included as a part of this group shows just how far the Republican party has fallen. The only way Republicans could possibly fall any further is if Trump picks Sarah Palin as a running mate. Or maybe Kim Kardashian???

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I've watched several Packers games there and love that place! There aren't many good dive bars around anymore and I hope they can get the building repaired soon. Maybe expand the space a little while you're at it? I'll be back!

And just a tip for police - I swear I saw Mike Ditka speeding away from that area around that same time. He had a mischievous grin on his face and a gleam in his eyes, so I think he may have been involved with this and needs to be questioned. Just sayin'.

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Whatever the poll, there's not one Republican candidate that leads Hillary Clinton in any of the major polls - CNN, USA Today, Quinnipiac, NBC, and yes - even FOX NEWS! Clinton leads every Republican candidate by a very substantial amount in almost all of these polls. Donald Trump is also listed as the second favorite among Republicans for the presidential nomination. What does this say about the state of the Republican party? Really - what does it say???

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Wow - can't wait for this! Once again, the lack of intelligent and qualified Republican candidates will ensure the Democrats win the presidency. When someone like Donald Trump is "surging" in the Republican polls, it really makes you wonder what the priorities of the Republican party may be.

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Very sad story and thoughts go out to his family. Is there a reason the search was called off earlier when it turns out he was found within about a mile of where he went into the water? It seems like a more thorough search would have been in order. I'm not a professional, but that just seems odd. I'm sure there was a reason though. Nevertheless, it's sad for anyone to lose their life unnecessarily, especially at that age.

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FYI - The Street Faire occurs only nine Fridays during the entire year. There are 43 Fridays with no Street Faire. I've been to the Street Faire numerous times and have never seen any issues relating to a drunk and rowdy crowd, so I'm not sure where that concern comes from. It is very much a family affair and it seems to consistently be a well-behaved crowd. Of course there are going to be parking issues during an event like this. Because of the large amount of family fun, vendors, and the incredible amount of revenue this brings to downtown Louisville, I would think that most local citizens would welcome an incredible event like this. Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone would just try to enjoy themselves, or make other plans during these times, as well as let others enjoy these events and have fun too without the ongoing complaining where there really doesn't seem to be any major issues? Just sayin'.

Disclaimer; I live about 1/4 mile from the Street Faire and I have never experienced any negative aspect from the event, and I have never heard any of my neighbors, or even anyone in town complain about any issues related to the Street Faire. I think it's a great thing for the city of Louisville and feel that with a little positive consideration, the small amount of ruffled locals would be a little more welcoming for these nine Fridays of entertainment. From what I've seen, and only because of articles like these in the Camera, it's a very small minority who find issue with the Street Faire on these Friday nights.