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They have run out of foreigners to get rid of in the north.

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The Government's war on inequality - if there is not equal outcome - no matter what the reason (age, income, education, ability, happiness) - between any two people (unless of course you happen to belong to a group that is in favor at a particular time) then government is not big enough and government must tax more to insure equal outcome.

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Since N Korea determined that the Armistice is invalid, does that mean that North Korea is at war with the United Nations? Hmmmmmmm

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It is the Tax Evasion one that will trup you up every time ask Al Capone.

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The best dog to have around children is a Boxer, they are wonerful around children.

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I am surprised it has taken this long for someoen to file suit.

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pbs7mm- htis is an AP story as posted on KOMO - what do you expect liberal news writers to say? that Obama is an affirmative action candidate supported by a liberal media to be an example of the peak of affirmitive action in choosing competent and knowlegable people for high office?

Or did you expect the media to realize that competence and the content of character is more important that the color of skin? The media has chosen.

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The only two things that Obama has going for him to get the black vote is that he is Democrat and black (according to the official definition of protected classes). 95% ov blacks vote for democrats dispite Democrat policies and history of slavery, Eugenics, KKK support, destruction of black owned businesses, and destrution of the black family.
Now, no doubt, black voters will vote for obama dispite the devistating effect his policies have had on black workers, Obma's unwavering support for gay marraige, his anti-charter school stance, and his solid chicago style cronie corruption.

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Why woudl anyone donate to the United Way? they take a major cut off the top to support thier administrative expenses - BEFORE money goes to any charity.

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Classic case of AP (Administrations press) headline spin: Trying to make things look better than they are:

"The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo builder sentiment index surged six points this month to 35, the highest reading since March 2007, the trade association said Tuesday"

"Any reading below 50 indicates negative sentiment about the housing market. And the index hasn't reached that level since April 2006, the peak of the housing boom"

Actual Single Family starts index is at ~26

Read for yourself:

Open first Chart in Table for the Actual Graph