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My prayers and condolences to AB's family. Throughout the years, Mr. Breitbart has made a significant positive difference in the world around him - he will be greatly missed. This is a truly sad day.

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There's a book ( - you know, the kind you read, that coins this phrase. Unfortunately, it isn't something that you can distill into a mob chant.

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Clearly a fascist LIBeral - when you lose the argument, you resort to personal attacks and name calling. I laugh at your foolishness.

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Typical DemocRAT maneuver - take to the courts when you can't win in the ballot.

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Your solution is based on the false assumption that these savages can read. More likely scenario is your Spectre Gunship flies over, drops fliers, and the Somalis gather them up and eat them. I'd vote to skip the warning phase and proceed immediately to "Operation Big Stick"

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Nice to see that B. Hussein Obama is now on the side of Hamas. Next stop - stoning, exploding vests, beheading, and Sharia law. - coming to a city near you! I wonder how his homosexual supporters feel, knowing that Muslims consider deviant, perverse homosexuality as grounds for death? What about the Obama Regime's militant feminist supporters? How do you think they'll feel about mandatory female circumcision and burqa's? Well, one good thing will come of it - both Hillary and that Michelle will look better with their faces and bodies covered...

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Right. The white LIBs are too busy and usually have their hands full killing babies, raping children, corrupting elections, aiding terrorists, committing treason, supporting gay marriage and drug use, attacking families, filing false lawsuits, destroying morals, and killing this nation.

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One would hope that any proceeds received via publication of Colton's "adventures" (movie, book, etc.) be immediately confiscated and directed towards victim restitution. Nobody connected with this one-man crime spree should profit from his activities.

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I say "yes" to the vuvuzela!

Years of malnourishment, inbreeding, pestilence and disease have made Afrikkka a hotbed of Muslim extremism, pirates, Nigerian scammers and soccer (along with the concomitant vuvuzelas). We cannot expect any more of these poor people - they are demonstrating the zenith of their cultural development to the world, by deploying armies of vuvuzela-blowing soccer fans.

Do not deny them this: it is all they are capable of.