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I refer to the Daily Camera own set of commenting rules:

If "freddy_f"'s repeated comments don't violate rule 4 on the DC's list, I want to know what actually would.

The Camera doesn't wish insults in comments. Yet in freddy_f's case, the Camera invites insulting comments because the Camera has so far not enforced it's own guidelines.

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Jan Burton has stated that she wants to be on the City Council so she can promote the construction of "tiny houses". Surprise, she owns a company that builds tiny houses out of old packing crates. Yeah that's a good idea, put an obvious conflict of interest on the City Council. Yes Boulder will be improved with acre upon acre of open space covered in newly built "tiny houses". Yes this will be better than our existing trailer parks. Note: Critical thinking on the part of the Daily Camera with Burton's endorsement is not in evidence.

Karakehian can say he is retiring but the fact is he wouldn't be re-elected if he ran. He was almost not re-elected the last time he ran. The reason Karahehian was out voted time and time again on the council was that his opinions were unpopular, not that he had brilliant insights no other councilman could conceive of.

Not endorsing Lisa Morzel is nuts. Being a Boulder City councilman is time consuming, thankless (mostly) and badly paid. That such an intelligent person as Ms. Morzel even considered spending 16 years in this capacity is amazing and frankly, a gift from God. This community should not only re-elect her but should, also, kiss her feet if she actually wants another 4 years. Vulcanology, Ms. Morzel's professional specialty, is an excellent background for dealing with Boulder's endless political eruptions.

What I bet is that the Daily Camera's endorsements ,or lack there of, will have almost no effect on who gets elected.

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This guy Kaszuba states: "Boulder used to be a welcoming place".

It has never been a welcoming place. It is by some definitions an attractive place.

Kaszuba confuses wanting to live here with the notion that someone who now lives here now wants him to live here as well. Not true now nor ever has been.

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One reason many persons (with property to rent) refuse section 8 housing vouchers is
that if they accepted the voucher they would have to acknowledge that they are getting
rental income on their tax forms. Take the voucher and the government, HUD, knows you are getting
the income.

So they dodge section 8 vouchers, get cash payments as rent and have (illegally) tax free
income. This is the same reason drug dealers don't file income tax forms. Sadly appeals to
responsibility and good citizenship don't have much impact.

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Forced to repeat myself, sorry, but according to Camera's comment rules:

"When you repeatedly post the same or similar comment, you're telling the world you have nothing
new to say. If you have nothing new to say, why are you saying it? Don't.

If you are stuck on one theme from thread to thread, you may appear
spammy and your comments might be deleted."

It is obvious "freddy_f" intends to post minor revisions of his post, over and over, possibly forever.

Please, Daily Camera, exercise your "might" and delete "freddy_f"'s comment or prevent their publication.

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When I read the title I thought Greenlee was talking about "two cities": you know, the City of Boulder, CO and whatever city Boulder non-resident Bob Greenlee lives in.

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I think Weller's criminal history, his 5 years in prison and his forced attendance in treatment programs for the
criminally insane were highly relevant to interpreting the comments he contributed.

The puzzling question is why the Daily Camera printed Weller's comments unedited for so many
years even when Weller asserted that "homeless people use food stamps to buy dope" and everyone with the
legal status of "disabled" was a fraud. Safe to say Weller violated every rule listed in the Daily Camera
Commenting Ground Rules over and over again.

What Weller represents is this community's refusal to deal with a huge on-coming problem. Recently a
man in Telluride Colorado built a house (and surrounded it with 4 and quarter tons of garbage) on public land next to a hiking trail about a mile from the local high school.

Weller lives permanently in an illegal camp site public county property. Yet, the county sheriff does not arrest
him, despite many many complaints. Will Weller have accumulate 4 tons of garbage before anyone in government acts to remove him?

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Read the newly published Camera commenting ground rules:

Weller's published Camera comments and his short lived Camera blog
violated every one of the rules listed. Some of Weller's bad habits included:

Comments "that consists of nothing but a title and a link to [Weller's own] blog "

Comments that "are off-topic."

Comments that "stereotype, intimidate or are hateful toward an individual
or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation,
race, ethnicity, nationality, age, or disability."

"Comments stated as facts that could give someone or something a negative image might be defamation or libel."

Comments that "make fun of the dead, injured or humiliated."

Comments that "contain spam or appear spammy", for example "repeatedly post the same ...comment".

Comments that "invade someone's privacy......This includes making claims about private citizens in the news that are
not easily verifiable."

Comments that "attempt to impersonate.... (sockpuppeting)".

There is no need for me to site specific instances since ,for every rule above, Weller has, in eight years,created too many to mention . You can if you wish read Weller's old comments yourself, if you need convincing or if you have a medical need for emesis.

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The commentator above is violating the Daily Camera's Comment rules. Namely:

"When you repeatedly post the same or similar comment, you're telling the world you have nothing new to say. If you have nothing new to say, why are you saying it? Don't."

So why does the Daily Camera post comment rules and then ignore them, in this case egregiously?

In addition,I want to say that personally I hate self described "working class heroes" . To quote freddy_f on right-sizing: " working people I know despise making it more difficult to drive around town". Working people with low wage jobs walk to work or take the bus or use a bicycle. If they despise any other commuter it's the jerks in in cars who often seem intent on running them over and putting them in a hospital.

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1. Why did Krieger interview the one guy on the council who reads his editorials, but not the eight others who don't?

2. Krieger quote: "I'm told Plan Boulder basically orchestrates the elections".

Who told you that, Dave? Or is it just a function of the "common sense" that you and Karakehian claim to have, but nobody else mysteriously does?

3. Karahehian may claim he is retiring because he is "tired" but the fact is he didn't get enough votes in the last election to get a four year term. Good chance he wouldn't be voted in the next election if he did run.

4. Reports have it Karahehian is worth about $10 million, most of it made by the lazy business of Boulder real estate development. The worst thing about Karahehian over the years I think is his repeated statement that those who develop real estate in Boulder will get the "gold ring" in the end, a statement he repeats in this article. That real estate development in Boulder is the path in infinite wealth.

The problem is the developers aren't making the gold. They are instead stealing it from someone else.