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Happy Birthday!

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I love Irvine Regional Park, I take my dog for a big walk once every other month or so. It is always fun to see the families on the little train.

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Hi Tiffany,

Also, go see an ND or health minded doctor about testing for food allergies/intolerances as well as getting a vitamin plan. I find if I eat the my trigger foods that it is as bad as a foggy head. Vitamin D also helps a lot.

One of the things that helped me through a bad few months was, no matter how hard it was, to writing down in a journal 3 things I was grateful for every day. This was as hard as exercising, but it was great discipline for me to find the good in every day no matter how crappy it was.

Keep up the good work and don't be reluctant to try another med if the depression gets bad.

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I think being greedy is a better test of future success than being bright. Being bright may be a good predictor of future geekiness & bohemian / rebellion tendencies.

As for boundless optimism, I promise to not go on one of my optimistic, mildly-manic, hand waving, idea spewing moments for too long in your presence.


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Will you be selling your N82? If so, email me, I am interested.


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I love this portrait of your mom. It is lively and lovely all at once.

Laughter is good.

smiles, jen ;o)

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I love the N82 photos of the landromat's lamps and ceilings!


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I love your portraits! Great work, Cecily!

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Cecily, I had a whole long reply, which when I logged into the comment thing, it deleted and only kept the first paragraph! Ugh!

Basically, I agree. The high school aspects of the whole thing make me avoid the cool whuffle kids in the quad (San Francisco) and stay out beyond the high school gates (aka non-SF).

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Bravo! I call this the "Attack of the Blatant Self-Promotion Machine" and it makes me tired. Sleepy tired just watching folks do it.