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OH! nice! I am soooooo getting this! love the portable MP3 player with all that on it! <hearts>

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booyah! big time congrats! me loves wine, too... great pairing there!

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This is Brilliant... I agree on the different levels of "trade value" ... be it love or exchange of energy on whatever-level ... there has to be a flow ... however, some people do get on a "blackhole-entitlement" binge and don't return or reciprocate ... so I can see how others may "keep track" with those types. It is good to appreciate each perspective - all are valuable!

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I've only been slightly annoyed by the spammer accounts... I can't even imagine following 12K ... obviously those are prolly bot examples... but even at where I am now, I am overwhelmed at times. I like your idea!

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uhm ... nope. :) Don't mind small bookkeeping jobs, but leave the tax stuff to accountants who actually don't mind doing that stuff.

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I actually just reviewed this service for another friend in a similar working situation; and I really like this for it's simplicity and ease of use... as an accountant - I highly recommend this for those in the "business of one" category! :)

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Loves my DS Lite - if I don't have a computer at my finger tips, a blackberry in my hands, or a book in my grasp... the DS is there - sometimes it sits patiently within reach while I am on the other items. :)