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Rob, I am very excited to see your post! I also noticed that you didn't have any naysayers' replies for the first day it was out here, so that's a good thing too. Thank you for letting us all know!

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Our government has gotten the way it is because we've been an apathetic public for far too long. Over the last couple of decades, they have counted on the fact that the younger generation isn't going to know what's going on. Young people "don't care" about politics until they're voting age and then they vote for people for the wrong reasons. They don't know themselves very well and they are expected to make a character judgment on others, so they jump on the bandwagon. If the media supported Republicans AKA conservatives, guess where the vote would be... I remember my professors telling us that it was our responsibility as Americans to become educated and make informed decisions as well as to be productive members of society. Most young people live for reality TV and what's going on with our government is the ultimate reality's got everything... except young people's attention. What Hollywood & DC say is "good" is for most Americans and they shouldn't dictate that for us.

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The first time I saw it I thought is was disgusting and way out of line, but after seeing it again a couple more times I made many connections to what's going on around us in real-world America and it's scary to say the least! I don't want America to be like that! Morgue...there were no other nations because (in the Dems' eyes) Bush supposedly isolated us with his protectionist strategy. Frankly, it almost seems that we were better off that way. Look at China's's bringing prosperity where/when nobody thought it possible (if only they'd stop poisoning us!).

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Yeah...pretty hard to say but I can see your point. Thing is that I am talking about the International Baccalaureate program, honors teachers. We read Poe and Shakespeare galore, A Separate Peace & The Pearl but my teachers also made time for Lord of the Flies & A Tale of Two Cities (curiously enough). I'm not sure that upset parents were the culprits of this decision. Not at the teacher's level anyway...probably higher up the chain because I went to school in a predominantly minority/inner-city school where tensions were high-being so close to LA. It would have been better to say that they encourage us to read the books on our own time instead of being dismissive altogether...see what I mean? It just seemed pretentious at the time. I've got them on order and they've already been shipped out to me so I'm looking forward to seeing what I missed out on so long ago. Thank you for the insight.

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It's funny that they say this because it seems that Gingrich has come out of hiding and is giving Repubs something to carefully consider and aspire toward...just like in the 90's...I'm very excited about this prospect!

History will repeat itself, just like Gulf War 2, Cold War 2, etc... Next year is looking good already! The Lib-Left goes crazy with their newfound "power" and they lose it all quickly because of irresponsible decision-making that leads to irresponsible actions that hurt WE the people.

Come to think of it...I wonder what the longest string of one-party power has been. It seems that there is typically a shift...Clinton had all Dems then Repubs became the majority and all was fair and happy again. Bush had Repubs then Dems. BO has's definitely coming back around...

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The 12 Values
* Honesty-not lying...misinformatoin is not lying...Pelosi is DIShonest
*Reverence-is what I would have if only news_across believed in Jesus and being "God-like" in his choice of words
* Hope-is what I have should we get rid of the ruiners of the Constitution who sit in office
* Thrift-something our current government certainly is NOT practicing
* Humility-something our president has, but only toward countries he degrades his country to
* Charity-has gone overboard...Roosevelt is probably turning in his grave!
* Sincerity-is what Obama would seem to have if he didn't use the teleprompter and spoke from the heart instead
* Moderation-our representation knows NO limits unless they are imposed on "others"
* Hard Work-is what we do to pay our taxes for our government to spend carelessly
* Courage-is what we have to have to get rid of all of these clowns, clean house and start anew!
* Personal Responsibility-something our representation needs to learn if they want to stay in power
* Gratitude-is what I will feel in 2012 when this regime is just a faded memory
Yep...I believe in this...

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And to which "myth" are you referring? News...I have a feeling you're a cyber-stalker with a serious chip on your shoulder. I think you'll be in for a rude awakening come next election. Again, you show how clueless you really are. Your figureheads have distorted their roles, which are clearly stated, according to our Constitution. I don't expect that you've actually read it because you obviously don't believe in it...except for the 1st Amendment which is the only one in there that benefits you. Time to re-educate yourself in the ways of being a real AMERICAN. If you like Castro so much go to Cuba. I'm sure he would be impressed with your anti-AMERICAN babble. Be sure to print transcripts and tell him how many military members you've bashed, how many patriots you've pissed off...I'm sure you'll be martyred or something to that extent. Or go to Venezuela...just brush up on your Spanish because...well may not even have to move after all! America will be the Northern States of Mexico if your dems keep their seats...maybe then America will finally have a national habla Espanol.

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Weezo...I am only telling everyone out here why I am a 912'er and HOW I came to be one. I've never stated that I have had it any better or any worse because I obviously am still here to tell my story whereas many thousands are not. I knew people who weren't as fortunate and am always reminded of their sacrifices. These are stories that should be told and remind us all why we are out here and what drives us toward these values and purposes. Don't mistake my story as a complaint because it certainly isn't. If I didn't feel strongly about what I (and my husband) do, I would have cut out 3 years ago when I had the chance. I serve a purpose higher than my "self" and I know that you are proud of your son's service despite the decisions of whichever president sent him away. Just keep in mind that he will have honorably served the will of four presidents.

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news_across-You are an absolute sick-o, spineless, mentally ailed in many regards, and the sad part is that I have personally risked my life so that imbeciles like you are free to venture out here to degrade people like myself who have and still do faithfully and honorably serve my country and its people. #1-you obviously reply without reading what it is you're replying about. If you had actually taken the time to read, you'd see that I was SINGLE. #2-who the hell do you think you are to assume that my husband wouldn't want me to return? However, I'm sure that your wife or your gay partner would off you for free to spare us receiving your idiotic replies. I only give credit where it's due...

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Dan, once again I agree...the problem is that the Fed will print cash to make up for the loss.Dems will come up with a plan to cover it up from Obama's "promises" on the campaign trail then we will have a lot of jailed people in vain.They will tax the hell out of the top tier & trickle-down to hurt us all in the end.I would love not to pay taxes, but my and my husband's very paychecks depend on it.It's a vicious cycle-if we cut off tax payments, then we will also take that much longer to re-pay America's debt & undermines the Tea Parties (unless NOBODY paid).The "book" answer is for Obama to lower his budget-cut all of his "Czars" and cut 100% of the pork.If we get a surplus in the end, it should go back to the communities in a transparent way.The benefits will come back to all of us instead of only some of us.There are places where unnecessary and abused programs can be nixed or significantly reduced.States shoud do it instead of national.States act powerless...have powers delegated to them and they need to read up and act.That goes for you too Governator!I voted for you and I know you can do better!