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The point was to give people a way to "find out more about Sikhs" if they are interested.

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It was a Gift from the God to have Gano help with this project and not only donate all of her time as Seva (over the past 2 years), flying out to Espanola many many times for meetings, and in the end actually becoming a substantial donor to help cover the costs for this project.

Though She is not from a Sikh family, and may not call her self a Sikh....but she very much so embodies many Sikh values. I am deeply thankful to her for her support and the helping make this game a success, which will serve to inspire and give joy to many kids (and adults too :)

Thank You Gano!

I hope now that people spread the word about the game and start playing! I was up till midnight last night playing. Good fun.

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Harpreet, I would suggest trying to download using the Torrent software and download link. See above for details in the post.

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Thank you Navkaran Singh!

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Surdender Kaur, this file "Living Reality" book is in an eBook format that most eBook readers can open. It probably won't open on your computer unless you have special software installed. It is meant to download and then copy to your e-book reader.

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Kaur, everything in your life can become like a "chore". It's all to do with your attitude and outlook on what it is that you are doing. When you get into the routine of might become a chore...or you can love and enjoy every moment. For me the routine is important particularly for meditation and daily practice. It is when I stop doing the practice that I notice the "trash" start to pile up in my head. So when you become more sensitive, aware and notice how your meditation effects you... you might appreciate it more. We have to take a shower...clean the food...etc. Sometimes it can be a chore....but that is ok. Don't be attached and think about it too much. Just keep up. Of course you can also practice another meditation or adjust your daily practice to do something different.

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See Guruka's comment earlier which has a link to the chords.

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Sat Nam! :) This topic reminds me of something that and older friend would say as a result of some Sikhs chopping up the Sikh greeting up "Vahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh". Some Sikhs might say something like "Vaiy Khalsaaaa Vaiy Fateeeh". His saying mocking that chopped version was... "Vaiy Khalsaaaa Vaiy Fateeeh...Why Bother". In other words...if you are going to use this greeting say the full greeting properly otherwise don't bother saying it at all.

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There has been a fair amount of heated discussion related to this video by many SikhNet visitors and I just wanted to share an email response by Guruka Singh to clarify the message of the video...

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

Dear brother, greetings to you from sunny Española, New Mexico where I have gratefully read your email regarding the video we made about eating Jhoot food. Thank you for writing to us.

This video has a very specific purpose. It is not about Sarbloh Bibek, though that was mentioned. It is about the spirit in which things are done. Eating food is very different from wearing bana or meditation or reading banis. It is an activity that brings people together as equals. The one pot serves everyone, and from that pot comes oneness.

Neither is this video about “right” and “wrong,” which is a trap of the mind. Nothing is right or wrong except that thinking makes it so.

One of the common threads that runs through all of the SikhNet Inspirations videos is bringing attention to the widespread disease of people judging each other. This has done more to destroy the unity of the Panth than any other single thing.

The comment on Sarbloh Bibek was not anti-sarbloh. Nor was it about any particular rehit or self-discipline. It was about keeping oneself separate from the oneness of the Sadhsangat and creating division within it. Why not cook food for everyone in a large iron pot? Why just for you separate from others? The video is about inclusion and unity, not about the merits of eating food cooked in iron. The key word is “separate” not “iron.”

This post from illustrates what I’m saying:

“Sarbloh Bibek is the biggest defense against assimilation with the worldly people. While our Dastaar, Baana, and our appearance too help us against assimilating with non-devotees but Sarbloh Bibek contributes even more towards non-assimilation. Unnecessary mingling with non-devotees is detrimental to the spiritual health of the true seeker of Vaheguru. Sarbloh Bibek along with Baana ensures that the seeker associates with devotees.”

I’m reminded of a story a Jewish girl told me that when she was in Hebrew school training for her ‘basmitzvah’ (ceremony of becoming an adult) the rabbi asked her, “why do Jews keep Kosher?” (separate pots, plates, etc. for dairy and non-dairy, no pork, etc.) she answered with a health answer ( the possibility of trichinosis and other diseases) and the Rabbi told her, “no, it’s so that when gentiles come to our houses, they feel uncomfortable.”

Let everyone eat according to their choice as they understand the reality to be. Let those who follow Sarbloh Bibek be blessed and let those who eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken be blessed. It is a personal choice to be respected as such. It is the human who counts. That’s why the video ends by saying “…the food is God, the person serving is God, the person receiving the food is God.”

All love in Divine, Guruka Singh