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Oh my god, my mom was SO obsessed with Basia in the 90s. My sister and I still laugh about it to this day ...of course, no one ever knows who the f we're talking about. I definitely know all of the words to all 3 of these songs.

My mom has the worst music taste. It never fails to astound me.

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My friends and I still frequent Flynn's and Ocean Beach a few times a summer since we all grew up on LI and live in the city.... it's always fun but I must say, Fire Island is a total fucking rip-off, possibly worse than NYC clubs.

Mixed drinks at a packed out dive bar cost about $15 each and beers really aren't much better.
You pay $20 roundtrip for the water taxi but if you stay til the last one at around 1AM, they extort you for another $15+ dollars on the way back.

They're lucky I like to drink and everyone feels a little more festive in the summer because seriously, that shit is ridiculous.

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[youtube 5Uu3kCEEc98 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Uu3kCEEc98 youtube]

My friend and I were just talking about the songs that remind us of being in middle school and I noted that this is possibly my least favorite song of all time. I distinctly remember this and Livin' La Vida Loca torturing me endlessly in 8th grade.

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Bunny pâté and kangaroo. Neither made me puke ...but I didn't love the experience either.

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90% of the time, the less accessible and abstract an album is, the higher Pitchfork rates it. The few exceptions are limited to albums that get tons of universal praise before they're even released.

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Suburban kid here... I spent my summers playing outside with my "block friends" all day.
We did a lot of swimming, as mostly everyone on my block had pools. We also played a ton of Spud and walked back and forth to the local stationary/parks as soon as we were old enough.

After dinner, if I was lucky, I'd be allowed out until dusk which of course, was wildly exciting. We used to play hide and seek or manhunt which got extra exciting when we hit 6th-7th grade and started having crushes.

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I grew up on LI and all of my Jewish friends always went to travel camp. Years later, I was dating a Jewish guy and the first words out of her mouth upon meeting me were, "So what camp did you go to?"

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1. Clueless (obviously)
2. Jawbreaker

I was never one for the 80s movies... Breakfast Club is good but otherwise I have absolutely no interest. I just saw Dirty Dancing for the first time ever (at age 26) and thought while the soundtrack was good, the movie was completely overrated.

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AHHHH...my favorite too. I just posted this as my favorite and then scrolled down, fully expecting no one else to agree. Amazing movie, second only to Clueless in the grand scheme of teen movies.

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Hahaha, I love your attitude. Clearly you were born to live here. I'm totally going to steal the 'Hey, Sue Ann' line in the near future. Sidenote: I also hate the hordes of tourists crowding BOTH SIDES of every sidewalk in Midtown... it's always the Midwesterners or the Asian tourists outside of their bus. Like, do you see that everyone else is moving and/or rudely shoving you aside? TAKE A FUCKING HINT.

Wait til Christmas.