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Two words: Jaysus! If I'd have known Barry was going to be such a hawk I would have just gone ahead and voted for McCain and his village-idiot sidekick.

Sorry, more than two words and doesn't add much to the conversation, but I am seriously sick of this country bankrupting itself playing 'world peacekeeper.' Especially when it doesn't work, has never worked, and if we're to give ourselves credit for learning from our recent past mistakes, will never work in that particular little corner of the planet.

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Okay, I had a comment deleted and am in moderation. That's it for me kiddos. Seeya.

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Where is the list of words we can't say on Wonkette if we were allowed to leave comments?

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Ruh, roh!

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No, no! It's the gays getting married that will end up causing people to fuck animals. Jeez, try and keep up!

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I just wanted to say how much I like seeing this post each week. There are always things I haven't caught anywhere else, and it's a mighty fine break from the constant fuckwittery of the teapublicans. Keep up the good work C_R_EATURE.

Actually, I love all the new additions to the Wonkette stable of mommies and bronies, and look forward to every new post.

Well, that's enough niceness out of me for a couple of months. /bitch mode resumed

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Wait, I didn't mean did you create some baby gravy... ewww. I meant did you make up the term. You might think I could write clearly after all these years, but you'd be wrong.

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Did you just make up baby gravy? I pride myself on being disgusting, but that's a new and wonderful one I hadn't heard.

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OOOoooh! Thank him profusely for the refund and tell him it was donated, in his honor, to your nearest Planned Parenthood Abortionplex.

'Trix, was it you who left the comment suggesting that maybe Sarah could pitch in a buck? Bwahahahaha! Jaysus, the man really thinks she should run in '16.

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If, by some unholy rend in the cosmic fiber, Ted Cruz would happen to become President of this country, I can guarantee the resulting stampede of screaming, terrified, eyes-rolled-back-in-their-heads, hair flying right straight out behind them USians clawing and scratching anything in their path to get north of our border (or anywhere else, for that matter), would indeed constitute a national security risk to Canada. I think they should play it safe and just deny his petition of renunciation.

Truly, Canada, the fate of the world rests in your hands. Not that he has a snowball's chance in hell of being elected here, but why risk having him whip our teabaggers into a frothy frenzy? The crazy seems to creep north when that happens.