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Dear readers, please find below one of the most offensive attacks on the Constitution I have ever seen. The letter was sent to me from Senator Debbie Stabenow, in response to my concerns about the Nationalized Healthcare bill. In her letter, Senator Stabenow refers to health care as a "right not a privilege." I have never heard a more perverted distortion of the Constitution, in my entire life. If you follow the Senator's position to its' logical end, you have to reach only one conclusion. And that is that, for the last two hundred and thirty-three years, the America people have been denied their Constitutional rights. I would like to know, where I can go redress this grievance?

To the Senator, I can only ask this one question. If in fact, the Constitution contains the right the health care, to whom do I appeal to be repaid, for all the years of medical expenses that have so blatantly been taken from me and my family? I would like the Senator, to point me to the appropriate Constitutional Amendment that provides for a guaranteed right to health care. I must at this point demand that my Constitutional rights be restored immediately. I also, demand that, I be granted legal council for the recovery of loses, that I have incurred due to the denial of these suddenly discovered Constitutional rights.

Of course the position that I have stated above is utterly preposterous. The United States Constitution does not contain language that guarantees any citizen the right to health care. There exists no provision in the Constitution that, even hints at such a right. The position of the Senator is a grotesque perversion of the intent of the framers of our Constitution. There is no place in the writings of the founding fathers, that even suggests there is a right to health care provided by the government of the United States.

I find it appalling that a sitting US Senator, would for her own political proposes, insinuate that any form of right exists for government mandated health care. Further more, the insistence that our government should be involved, in one the most private aspects of my life, (that being the relationship between me and my doctor) is horrifying. The US Supreme court found that, women have a right to privacy. This right is granted women to protect them from an intrusion of the state, into their most personal affairs. And now, the government of the United States, is attempting to establish a medical program, that will give that same government, access to my personal medical information.

How is it possible that, as citizens we have a right to privacy, and at the same time the government, will be deciding which medical procedures we can have, and when we can have them? I summit that no such right, Constitutional or otherwise exists. I also, summit that, the government of the United States must not be allowed broader control of the healthcare system than it already possesses. I will resist ever effort of this government, to intrude any further into my life, and my life choices. The Declaration of Independence states that I have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." I insist that, the federal government stay out of this area of my life, as it impinges in my inalienable rights as a citizen of the United States of America.

The Senators Letter:

July 23, 2009

Randy P. Mason
Address deleted

Thank you . . .

. . . for contacting me regarding your opposition to universal health care coverage. I understand your concerns.

When it comes to health care, our families and businesses are in a serious crisis. High health care costs are causing cuts in benefits and increases in premiums, adding to the ranks of the uninsured at alarming rates. But the impact of this problem goes beyond individual families. Skyrocketing health care costs make our businesses less competitive in the global marketplace and cost us good-paying jobs. We are already paying for the uninsured through overuse of the emergency room-the most inefficient and expensive way of providing care.

I believe that health care is a right, not a privilege. There is no doubt that the problems we face are complex, but there are real solutions. We can create a system that is uniquely American and shares the cost between the government, businesses, and individuals in a way that is fair and equitable. Now is the time to show the political will to tackle these issues because there is so much at stake. I am committed to working with both my Democratic and Republican colleagues on the Senate Finance Committee to find solutions to America's health care crisis.

Thank you again for contacting me. Please don't hesitate to do so again if my office can be of assistance to you or your family.

Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator


U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow
The United States Senate • Washington, DC 20510

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Recover or Die Trying...

President Obama said in an op-ed piece, "So far, it has done that," the president wrote. "It was, from the start, a two-year program, and it will steadily save and create jobs as it ramps up over this summer and fall." The "it" that the President is talking about, is the so called "stimulus" package. I guess he wants us to hurry up and wait, for the government to save us. Has anyone, seen a job created, or saved by this program? Where are these mythical jobs? The truth is that, the stimulus is a total bust. And now, the crazy left-wingers, want to do Stimulus II. What the h@ll is wrong with these people? I can't believe they think, digging a deeper hole, will put people back to work. While the loons at the White House, come up with even more plans, the unemployment rate will exceed 11%, and the suffering families of America, will lose any hope of an economic recovery.

And while our economy is shedding jobs, faster than a rattle snake, sheds its' skin. It appears, the President thinks, we have time to wait, after all, this is a "two year program". It's easy to be cavalier when, you don't live from pay check to pay check. Anyone, can feel comfortable when, they go out on $24,000 dates (at our expense). Or, when their wife wears $600 tennis shoes, and she carries a $6000 purse. By the way, do any of you know where to buy $600 tennis shoes? I already have the $6000 purse, now where did I put that thing?

The problem is that, we can't wait. We can't wait, while the government burns our money by the pile. We can't wait, while the President rewards his cronies with, big fat government contracts. We can't wait, while the government takes over industry, after industry. We can't wait, while the government takes control of more, and more, of a daily lives.

I know its summer, and there are a lots, of fun things to do. But we don't have time, to allow our country, to fall deeper into the pit, that the federal government is digging for us, and our children. We should be out in the streets. We should be screaming from the roof tops. We should be making our elected officials quiver with fear. Not for their lives, but for their jobs.

Most people don't move, until an issue hits their wallet. Well, people, our wallets are about to get hit, very hard. If the Nationalized Health Care plan passes, it will cost $1.7 trillion, over the next ten years. It will, destroy 2.5 million private sector jobs, in the insurance industry. And it will, enslave our citizens with a government run health care system that, will interfere with our doctor, patient relationships. We must kill this legislation, before it kills us. If you hate the lines at the Secretary of State, you're really going to hate, waiting in line to see your doctor. I like to say that, Nationalized Health Care will, 'create lines to die for.' Apathy is tyrannies best friend. Let's get out of our comfort zone, get off the couch, and protest against any more insane government programs. Your involvement really does matter.

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Excuse Me, I Seem to have Misplaced America...

Does anyone know where I misplaced my country? I know it was here a few months ago. I have looked all over the place, but I can’t remember where I put it. The last time I saw America, it was a free market, capitalist nation, that depended on individual achievement. But now, I hear its’ over by the socialists, and that’s not where it belongs.

The really odd thing is that, on my way past the socialists, I noticed that some people said, it was near the fascists. Now, how in the heck, did that happen? I appears that the socialists, and communists, had warned America that it was to close to them. But, instead of staying where it should be, the place where has always been, America made a wild dash far away from its’ place in the world, and it got very lost.

So, there I was, looking for America, and wouldn’t you know it, it was in the last place I’d ever look. The upsetting thing is that, while I was looking for America, I came across this definition, “In the economic sphere, many fascist leaders have claimed to support a "Third Way" in economic policy, which they believed superior to both the rampant individualism of unrestrained capitalism and the severe control of state communism. This was to be achieved by a form of government control over business and labor.” Source Wikipedia.

I have to tell you, I am not comfortable with this definition. I loved America, just where it was. A country where people could be anything they wanted to be. America was a “shining city on a hill”. But now, America is a sinking city, heading toward fascism? At what point did the people, that believed in hope, and prosperity, become a nation trillions of dollars in debt? How did the people of a free nation, become the bond servants of the communist Chinese?

I know that some people, aren’t going to like where I found America. I don’t like where I found it either. It took America a while to end up where it is. And I know that putting America back, where it belongs, won’t be easy. Now is time, for all men and women of good will, to stand up and demand, that America comes back home. If we all get behind this singleminded purpose, we can do this. We can get America to see that it is headed in the wrong direction, and turn back to being “that shining city on a hill”.

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Thank you for the support. I have found it hard to find groups for certain areas. Please look at "The National 912 Project" site. The URL is There are people from all over the country that are members. Also, there's the "National 912 Coalition" site at I hope you find someone that's around you. I am a member of "The National 912 Project". I really like to people that belong to this group.

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For the last several months, the US public has seen images of unhappy Tea Party and 912 members holding signs and shouting all types of slogans. The grassroots protests, have gotten the attention of both our neighbors, and Washington DC. We have also, for better or worse, caught the attention of the liberal elites, and the left-wing media.

Its nothing less then amazing, that a grassroots movement has grown so quickly, even with pressure that comes from so much scrutiny. I am sure the mainstream political apparatus never saw the Tea Parties coming. There are so many local Tea Party and 912 groups, growing at such a tremendous rate, that the Democrats and Republicans still don’t know how to react to them. Some politicians are hoping that this movement goes away, and others are trying to latch on to the message of Tea Parties.

With all the things that have happened over the last few months, one thing remains consistent, and that’s the heated rhetoric of people that have joined this movement. People from all walks of life have made it known they are totally fed up. I have read many posts, that are well thought through points of view, that express a concern for our Constitutional Republics survival. And I have some read posts that are purely hateful rants, that do nothing to support this important movement.

With these points in mind, I would like to challenge the serious members of the 912 and Tea Party movement. Instead of using so much energy writing posts, going to protests, and keeping each other in a totally aggravated state. Let’s start to move toward a spirit of community service and send the country a positive statement that we not just a group of malcontents.

If you read the stories of our founding fathers, you will find a group of men that were determined to set America free from the yolk of British rule. They dedicated themselves on their scared honor, to fight to the death, to make us free. But, even in the middle of all the working groups, policy meetings, and fighting, they also believed in charity.

Our founders believed that it was their duty to serve the public good. They supported, and were involved in, collecting goods to help the poor in their communities. And during the Revolutionary War they made sure the stressed people of their communities were taken care of.

I am hoping to see the Tea Party and 912 movement mature into community out reach organization. It is painfully clear, that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of our fellow countrymen are suffering. Many families, simply are not able to makes ends meet. The food banks of many communities are running out of food.

In the spirit of generosity, and of the common good, I am asking you as a member of a Tea Party or 912 group to start local food drives. I believe its time to move from our computers, out into our neighborhoods, and start serving those around us. Let’s start to share, and be a part of the “we surround them” aspect of what this great movement is about. I strongly hope, that you will catch this vision. It’s time to show people that, sure we’re tired of what’s going on in Washington, and that we are going to fight for the Constitution, but at the same time, we care about those around us. And that we are reaching out to our neighbors that are out of work, and having trouble feeding their families. I can’t think of a more positive message to America, from the 912 and Tea Party movement.

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We the People...

There is a natural tension between the governed and government. The framers of the constitution understood this. They wrestled with the concept that the people had a “zeal for liberty” and that the only way the government could exist was with the “consent” of the people. But what happens when the people feel that they are not being ruled with their consent? How can any government control a population that feels that it is not being heard any longer?

This is where many people feel we are today. People from the left and the right have come to believe that the federal government is not paying attention to their needs. Many Americans think that the government is out to serve it’s self interest. It is this type of government that becomes authoritarian and abusive. A government that will not listen to reason is a government that will trample on the liberties of it’s people.

Unfortunately, this is where we are today. The government has been leaning in on the peoples rights. They have been putting pressure on our ability to choose for ourselves the course of our own lives. The way they do this is not through direct intervention. Nor is it done through coercion. It is done through taxation and regulation.

Every time the government passes higher taxes, or makes a new rule that you have to follow, they are taking away your liberty. That is why what is happening in Washington is so insidious. The current march toward an more authoritarian government has been so slow that you can hardly feel it happen, but it is happening.

Little be little, everyday the federal government passes some regulations that you have to abide by. There are so many regulations that every citizen in this country has violated one law or another and didn’t even know it. This means that if the government decides that you are a target, they can pull out the rule book and hit you with a violation.

This is especially true with our tax code. There are over 64,000 pages to the federal tax code. Anyone of us has failed to meet some portion of the tax code every time we file our taxes. The only reason that most people aren’t hit with fines and penalties is because of the inefficiency of the IRS, or they’ve just been lucky.

The weight of the federal government is only going to get worse. With the overreaching of the current administration, you can see that the government is now controlling banks and the auto industry. It is eyeing our healthcare and reaching for more taxes like cap and trade that will pull over $1500 per year from each families’ income.

The question for us as a people is, how long are we going to put up with this for? How are we going to get the government to reduce its’ impact on our freedoms? These are question that I am putting in front of you to comment on. I claim no special insight into a solution. However, it is obvious that if we don’t act soon, we’ll have no chance of regaining out rights. Our republican form of government was supposed to elect representatives that are dependent on the people. Listen to the words of the framers from “Federalist No. 48” warning all future citizens that “a mere demarkation on a piece of parchment of the constitutional limits of the several departments, is not sufficient guard against those encroachments which lead to tyrannical concentration of all the powers of government in the same hands”. In short a government that is not kept under control by the governed leads to tyranny. So, ask yourself this question, is the government dependent on you?

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State at the Top, Feds at the Bottom...

As the Federal government has started to grow into a monstrous size, some States are starting to push back. Many States are realizing that they are losing their ability to be self-governing entities. At the current pace of Federal control, it will soon become superfluous to even have State governments. With run away Federal intervention in the laws and programs each State administers, it has become apparent the Feds are trying to dictate every activity of our States. This desire by the Feds to be a "Super Government" means that it will be pointless to move from one State to another, because there will no distinction from State to State.

During the time of the colonies, there was great deal of independence. Many of the colonies were even formed as Proprietorships. This meant that a colony like Pennsylvania was owned by someone like the Penn family in England. Each colony had its' own elected Assembly that passed laws and levied taxes. England recognized that it was receiving a great benefit from this arrangement and left the colonies free from their tax system.

However, as the colonies grew in prosperity, the British government began to eye the colonies as a revenue source. At that point, Parliament started to cook up schemes to pull taxes out of the colonies. Many in England thought the colonists weren't paying their “fair share”. And that the colonists were receiving services and it was only right that taxes were due to the British Crown.

Now let's fast forward. When America was young, the Federal government was very small. Our States were strong independent governments that represented their citizens well. This type of arrangement worked best because the closer the government is to the people, the more responsive it is to those it governs.

But look where we are today. The model is all wrong. We have an enormous Federal government that is far from its' home State populations. It doesn't see us as those that it serves, it sees us as those that it directs. And the taxes that the Federal government collects, are thought to be funds that it is owed for services rendered. So the tax scheme as controlled by Federal government comes from the States and then its filtered through the bureaucracy with all kinds of rules and regulations. This forces the States to comply with tens of thousands requirements that causes the States to employ hundreds of thousand to interpret the rules, before anyone can receive the “Federal” funds.

Now lets think about a different revenue model. What would happen if the States started to resist the Federal government reaching down through their economies and taking resources to Washington for redistribution? What would happen if the States fought back and told the Feds, you can’t raid our citizens earnings to feed your out of control appetite? What would happen if the States only allowed the Federal government to have the funds that it needed for our mutual defense and security and perform other constitutional mandated requirements?

It is obvious to me that our economy would be a whole lot better. We would be able to keep a closer eye on how our money is spent. If the States didn’t send so much of our GDP to Washington, we would be able to influence our elected State officials to be more frugal, and to only do what’s best for its’ population. If the States refused to send vast amounts of our hard earned dollars to Washington, then they would have better control over the rules and regulations that the Federal government tries to force down our throats.

He who holds the purse gets to set the agenda. If we worked toward pulling the purse away from the Feds, we would be able to set our own rules and regulations. We could do what we as State citizens believe is in our best interest. Our governors and legislators would be more in tune with us, the people they serve. And the run away special interest groups that corrupt our political system, would have to act in the daylight of local government, instead of the dark smoke filled rooms of lobbying firms in Washington. So lets put pressure on our State governments to resist the ever more powerful, dictatorial actions of the Federal government. Let your State representatives know that you will support them if they pass legislation to exert our State’s constitutional relationship with an all to powerful Federal government that see us its’ subjects, rather than those it serves.

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I love being called names. My favorite was when Nancy P. called the movement "Astroturf". It amazing how much manmade grass can do when it gets kicked around too much. So I hope the name calling keeps on coming. If I've learned anything its that, you don't tick off people that are already angry, it only motivates them more.

I have never been much of a political activist, but I am one now. I have become a member of The National 9 12 Project, a group that started because of this site. And even though the group is not huge, it's getting bigger everyday.

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I am glad to hear that you are working for a Tea Party. There are too many people that sit behind a keyboard all day and just complain. I wish you and your group great success. If we keep up the pressure somethings got to give. If you would like to visit The National 912 Project site here is the URL <a href="" target="_blank"> we would be glad to hear from you.

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I think that you are right, things will hit critical mass. The problem is, that critical is not always controlled. I hope that we can all work toward a peaceful, contained, and orderly reaction to change what the Federal government is doing. Please reach out to other 912ers and ask them to not give DHS or other agencies any excuse to turn on us. Peaceful resistance is harder to attack.