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Alright, I can take a little while off of Hearthstone to play this.

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Hmm. So what I learned in this episode is that five of the mane six ran around a castle while Pinkie played fitting music.

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And the Steam sale saves another nearly lost soul.

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I got the email that This Platinum Crown updated 20 minutes before this post. This was a quick response time.

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Geez, there were a ton of people at the Vegas showing of Equestria Girls. The theater sold out, and the Musiquestria staff had shown up to watch it and couldn't get tickets. It was a crazy, fun time.

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Sure you can eat them! Melting the plastic down shouldn't be that hard. It'll be like Shakespeare. You can eat the hot coals, but only if you're attempting to kill yourself. I'd recommend you avoid that.

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So, we all saw Spike riding Cloud Kicker around while she wears a blindfold, right? It's not just me? That doesn't strike anyone else as odd? I only bring it up because no one else seems to.


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Not fanfiction, eh? I beg to differ.

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I'd counter-prank Pinkie by being near an old CRT television. That way, when she tries to burst out of it she'll probably just get her head stuck Persona 4 style.

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I hope it's a reference to the Salem Witch Trials. I'm glad the 1690s are being brought back to the forefront of popular media.