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I don't know about that. As long as you have the AT&T sim card, I assume it would still activate your phone. In fact you might be able to get it to activate with an official Swiss sim. But again, I don't know about that part. I'd say just try it out and find out! Nonetheless, I doubt it would matter where you are globally as to your activating process...

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There is no way to hacktivate an iPhone 4 right now. (If ever). You have to activate it through iTunes using an official carrier (AT&T) and then after it's activated you can use and ultrasn0w to jailbreak and unlock it.

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There will NEVER be posting of a custom firmware on this blog. Never. Look for it on the Pirate Bay, or some other website. NEVER on this site... Or just ask a friend with a Mac to make one for you. Distributing a firmware is distributing copyrighted Apple material. Don't do it on this website.

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Just out of curiosity, how does "some noob" take your phone from you, plug it into a computer, click quite a few buttons, and update your phone, all without you noticing? And how is the phone useless without the jailbreak? If you need the unlock, updating the phone with iTunes updated your baseband as well, so you're out of luck with an unlock. And while I understand that their are some very VERY useful Cydia apps, how is your phone ENTIRELY useless without a jailbreak?

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Thanks a lot Dev Team! You are amazing! :)

I got redsn0w to work on my iPhone 2G, so if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!

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It's not possible... iPhone is GSM, Verizon is CDMA. NEVER POSSIBLE!! Sorry!!

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make sure you use a usb hub when you connect the phone in os 10.5.6. otherwise it doesn't recognize dfu mode...

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dude... stop being such a jerk. there is no such thing as a "permenant unlock" all Apple has to do is release a baseband update, and then everyone who updates prematurely is screwed... of course that is until th fantastic members of the Dev Team works their magic. That is what happened to everyone with the 02.30.03 update.. so just calm the hell down and wait. enjoy life! be happy!

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