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Wahhabi religion in full force. Multiracial, multireligion, plural and moderate Malaysia will be a thing of the past. Malaysia WILL BE another Saudi Arabia, where no non Muslim places of worship are allowed to exist & all aspects of life of every single citizen will be regulated under the scope of the twisted Wahhabi religion. We are losing our liberty, Muslims and non Muslims alike, because the UMNO government has declared war on 'liberalism'. Everything that was unacceptable and illogical has become acceptable. All because UMNO is allowing all these to happen. It will get worse. This is the grim reality.

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The evolution of Malaysia into a full-fledged Wahhabi state is almost complete. UMNO, PAS, JAKIM, the religious bodies & Islamists at large may deny following it in name, but they certainly do in practice. Remember, in Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, churches are not allowed to exist. That is right, Christians and pretty much any non-Muslim communities do not exist in Saudi Arabia, and that is where the direction Malaysia is heading. Unless any sane leader here is willing to step up, point at Wahhabism issue and curb.

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As a Muslim I have to say the overdose of religion in our daily affairs exerted by government and religious institutions are getting extremely suffocating every day. Allah help us all, for I believe Allah has explicitly decreed in Quran "there shall be no compulsion in religion".

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Staged coup. No one sees that.

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Err....does TMI still exist? I thought it was shut down??

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It's high time we reinstated and reaffirmed our commitment to keep our country secular and democratic. Make no mistake, secularism and democracy are very Islamic in my eyes as a Muslim, as opposed to Islamofacsism that discriminates and oppresses against people of different religions and beliefs, including even Muslims who think of and hold different opinions.

The commitment to uphold secularism needs to be wholesome, including administration and (especially) education. Keep religion at home and in the heart. This way we can be peaceful. No compulsion in religion (Al Baqarah, Quran 2:256)

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These religionists are intellectually bankrupt and beyond redemption. In their pursuit of "heaven", they bring hell to their life on earth, by refusing vaccination, then getting diphtheria and later die. Most unfortunately, their irresponsible action endangers others too. I am ashamed to have been born into this community and call them 'my people'.

"Because habbatus sawda can heal every illness except death" - This is a desert legend that has been circulating and amplified from a very popular local radio station since time immemorial. Most certainly, this thing is not found in the Quran. I believe this was invented by the Arabs (post-Prophet era, 200-300 years after his death) in the name of "tradition", as an instrument of cultural imperialism over non-Arab Muslims. This is just one of many thousands other instances.

Malay Muslims have to ask themselves if they are really following true Islam (in the Quran and exclusively only Quran) or the 'Arab Religion'. In my opinion, they follow the latter.

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This is funny, because Turkey itself has been a supporter of ISIS and terror all these while, in cahoots with Saudi and Qatar. Erdogan has finally come to his senses? Will Turkey stop buying ISIS oil through the black market already?

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I believe is Muslims followed Quran exclusively, they would be a very peaceful society. But they don't, they want to follow other things too, things that were written 200-300 years later, at the height of oppressive and corrupt Arab empires that succeeded the Prophet and his companions' period.

Rational Muslim voices like Farouk Peru need to be highlighted much more in the media and everywhere.

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I am a liberal Muslim. Liberal meaning I do not interfere with what anyone wants to believe. Liberal meaning I believe in freedom OF religion, and freedom FROM religion. I am liberal because I believe in the Quranic injunction of "no compulsion in religion". But the government has declared war on us liberal Muslims. I will fight for our rights to be liberal as we wish. Government use of religion as a tool for control is heinous and must be condemned.