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the wrath of kahn, of course, set up the next 2 films, that aside, it was the redemption for the series from the truly awful first attempt to bring the franchise to the big screen. and i waited in line for the first film, like a teenager waiting for his first big date and meet the parents combo. alternately scared and excited, and ultimately disappointed.
and galaxy quest! what a fine time that film was. i have a copy, and i run it two or three times a year. all in all, pretty true to the core of the trekkerverse, even starting with the kind of thin premise that it had.

i will be there opening night in my town

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all in all, a consumption tax makes the most sense to me. the percentage defined by amendment, along with an amendment that the federal government may only spend what has been taken in by taxes. in the event of a surplus, the remainder would be split between the states. this would by nature, create a great hew and cry from the masses who would not be receiving their accustomed government approved bribery check, however with more money available in the private sector, industry would spring up to allow the newly disenfranchised indolent population the chance to participate in the American dream.

this would also have the effect of making the states responsible to themselves for their funding, following the loss of the federal funds that would dry up under the "live within your means" amendment. Also, without the power to blackmail the states by withholding funds, the federal government would be free to to assume it's rightful role as defined by the founding documents

radical idea? i don't think so. it seems to me that this would be the most effective, shortest duration to goal way to put the country back onto the right track.

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for no one expects........The Spanish Inquisition!!!!!!!

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i was just cruising thru, and was informed there would be pie served, rhubarb for me please, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dollop of honey.
thanks so much

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Let not your heart be troubled comrade, for I too, have been sent on a special mission to find out who has been siphoning off the profits of the last beet harvest, to create propaganda that has not been approved by the glorious leader. So rest easy, knowing that my report will show you have done your job in such way as to even strike terror in the most righteous of beloved leader’s servants. Now off with you, before you attract attention to our glorious missions, for if you do, you will surely know the splinters of the wooden seats as you are being re-located to the northern front, where shovel sharpening is unheard of, and the frost only comes out of the ground for two months out of the year.

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love the cube, comrade! my shovel stands at the ready for the glory of the party!

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i scrubbed my brain with acid in the 70's and 80's, i wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but it worked for me!
just keep away from the brown acid though, bad trip, dude, bad trip

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a "czar" will have no accountability to congress, or the people. the primary purpose of the "czar" will be to think up new ways to implement the policies that have already green lighted by beloved leader. and to fall on the sword if they prove to be unpopular, to provide cover for beloved leader.

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all we need to do is remember is that beloved leader has little experience, and demonstrates 2 dimensional thinking.