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Dear John... You do realize that the guy wrote a book called "Letters to a Young Contrarian", right? And that in this book, he explains why he prefers to be called a contrarian (rather than, say, a rebel or 'angry young man) or an oppositionist?

He adds, however: "For the moment, do bear in mind that the cynics have a point, of a sort, when they speak of the "professional nay-sayer." To be in opposition is not to be a nihilist. And there is no decent or charted way of making a living at it. It is something are, and not something you do."

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Good post, Michael. Labor unions have evolved into something... very troubling.

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Who says he's 'convinced' by it? He's a Democratic operative, apparently. It seems to me that he's simply doing what the others are doing it: using it for political purposes, even though they know it's a lie. That he was shot doesn't mean he's somehow above playing political games.

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@iusbvision: very good points, all. Palin is winning each and every debate and I'd wager it's not despite her 'polarization' but because of it. She understands that conservatives can actually win by polarizing the debate. McCain refused to do so in 08, and look where it got him.

The next Republican presidential nominee - whomever he or she may be - has to understand that (s)he'll benefit by polarizing the debate as much as humanly possible. In a polarized world, voters prefer conservatives over progressives. The latter can only win if they are willing to fight dirty while the former treat them with kid gloves.

Chuck: exactly right.

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Exactly NJ. It proves once again that leftists' outrage about big spenders in office is fake - they are only angry when conservatives are involved. When it's one of their own, they don't only have no problem with it, they even defend it.

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The Verde: that is correct and... Australia has troops in Afghanistan.

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Morgan: I'm convinced that that's one of the reasons he's going after Palin in the way he's been doing for years now: arrogance.

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I stand corrected! My mistake. It has been fixed in the text. Thanks!

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Yes, that's a very important point you make right there. Advocating violence on anyone for expressing opinions is as unlibertarian as one can be. If you advocate using violence, you're not a libertarian. End of debate.

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Mark: that's mostly nonsense. Most NRB authors are critical of him. Not all - some support Frum, but most certainly don't.