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"And which hopeful one wants to hopefully save it?"

Chupadactyl, who is misunderstood because of who his father is, and is hounded to his death by the humans, who don't seem to notice that Mandactyl is picking them off, one by one - even when they're standing right next to the latest victim, as he's being eaten. They continue rallying around Mandactyl, saying things like "he's one of us! sort of!", and attacking the two or three characters who wonder if this is really a good idea, but never think of running away, themselves. "I guess being human doesn't mean much to you, does it", somebody says to one of them. The movie ends with a Mandactyl burping for a full minute, signaling the end of humanity.

The cast of the movie then goes on to speak at the United Nations about the impact of racism on the world, and nobody sees anything odd about this ... http://io9.com/#!5173862/the-night-battlestar-gal...

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I wish you luck with this, and will probably be glad to sign your petition after I read it, but let me let you in on a little secret. The time to approach a manager, executive or other decision maker about a decision is before the decision is announced, when it is only expected. That way, the exec has a chance to deny that he ever intended doing as you feared, and can back away from a bad decision without losing face.

I'd add that the fans, myself included, could have done a much better job of talking up the show, back when such efforts would have made a difference. Something to remember the next time a show comes on, that we'd rather not see cancelled.