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Well, if there is "intelligent life" out there I would like to hope that they're smart enough to stay away from this place and get mixed up with us crazy humans!

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Oh Wise One, please answer me this ... Why do the men who play beach volleyball in the Olympics wear long shorts and shirts while the women wear skimpy little bikinis? This seems unfair to we female viewers who don't happen to get all excited over seeing other females in skimpy garments but who might enjoy a gander at a nicely turned male chest. I seek enlightenment!

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Sad but all too oftentimes - true!

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You want to see strange hairstyles then come spend some time with my 16-year old! I'm almost afraid to see what her hair looks like when she comes back from her vacation in New Jersey!

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"A bit less gay"? Hmmm ... why wouldn't you want someone to be as happy as they can possibly be? What's wrong with being over-the-top exuberant and happy about something? Why would you want someone to be more miserable?

What? What's that? Not that kind of gay? Oh ... I'm sorry, I thought you meant "gay" as in happy like back when I was a kid and people were happy and gay and it had nothing to do with one's sexual preference! I'm so sorry! My error!

If you'll excuse me I'll go back to the Dark Ages now!

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Well if one' s going to go to all of the trouble of being enlightened then one should be smooth, also!

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Ah-ha, I see. So somewhat like the Americanized version of "punk" or perhaps worse as the street vernacular escapes my old and feeble mind right at the moment. Either way they don't sound like the sort of people I would want to invite to attend an afternoon polo match with or even to ask out for tea. Thank you for the enlightenment once again o' knower of all things!

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Nice that you broke your "no meme" rule as you did a fantastic job with this one. And I , for one, certainly don't think you need to be rougher around the edges! I prefer my gurus to be soft!

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Well, being somewhat, er, mature myself (that sounds better than middle-aged!), I wouldn't mind having a boyfriend who was 11 years younger than me!

I tell ya, there are some adorable guys where I work that are a lot more than 11 years younger than me that I would love to spend some time with (wink, wink!) as when I was their age, they didn't make guys who looked like them!

Honestly, I do think that age is sometimes just a number put there by society to make us feel bad as even though I will be 50 in just a day over a month, that doesn't mean that I feel 50 at this point in time. On the contrary, there are some days when I feel 25 and others when I feel closer to 75 depending on how my back is doing!

Besides, all of the older men want their little trophy wives and girlfriends so if we can't find men our own age because they're are looking for some hot young thing, then what's an older woman to do but find some younger guy who will appreciate our knowledge and experience? Hmm??

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Congratulations on reaching the big 5-0! I turn that myself in just a little over a month but that would be in years and not feed subscriptions!