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I still can't actually believe we have some power in Europe. Nice work guys.

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I've just watched the main BBC 6 o'clock news. They ran features on all the 'non-mainstream' parties. Including UKIP, Greens, JuryTeam, Christian Democrats and a few other niche parties. Unbelievably, there was not one mention of the BNP.

A very deliberate order of media blackout demanded by ZaNuLabour. Do not pay your TV License.

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On the topic of real votes, I have just very completed my ballot paper and sent it in. I am out of the country next week, so have used the postal vote facility.

It made me feel very proud to put a big black X in the box for the BNP. I can not remember a time when I have been this excited to vote. I just hope the postal vote system is not corrupt in any way where I am based.

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Ha ha ha. Absolute quality Nick.

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The election broadcast is excellent. Will bag us a huge number of new votes. I'm so proud to support such a great party that is growing so fast.

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That is an incredible result. Get ready for more media led lies and intimidation as we approach the Euro vote.

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I used to vote Tory until I discovered ths BNP. This one undemocratic act has resolved me to never ever vote Tory again. Winston Churchill would turn in his grave.

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Wow. Absolutely unbelievable. What a great effort by everyone. Our time is now.

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The BNP feels like a family. Good luck to all of you. People are angry and looking for new people to vote for.

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Unbelievable. I have not paid my TV License for quite some time. Here is another reason why I will refuse to pay it. I will not pay for the BBC to promote a religion that I believe to be a threat to our future lifestyle. Anyone thinking of cancelling your TV Tax, just do it.

When I cancelled mine I made it very clear that I was doing so for political biased reasons, and because the BBC receives back handers from the EU (currently being investigated by Police) to publish EU propoganda. Having stated these reasons I do not get any threatening letters from them.

It also gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I am not paying for the promotion of cultures and beliefs that will destroy our country. If you really believe in making a stand, cancel your direct debit and inform them of your reasons.