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to answer your question: sliding in hate legislation while trying to seem mainstream. Note the sterile use of the outgroup word "citizen" to describe queers. Not people, not Utahans, certainly not brothers and sisters - cause you can't be Mormon and a fag. I... I can't get started on another Mormon diatribe right now, no matter how much i may be gritting my teeth. back to work!

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my vote is always Eric Cantor. I don't care where he is or what he is doing, I want to punch him.

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look, that shit is hard, okay? Let's just continue to have meaningless morality based debates and legislation that make us look good to our base, alright?

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"From then on, as long as the mouth-breathers can keep from reading the stage directions, it’s open season to discriminate."

genius bit of writing.

Also, this is going to bring back the, "I didn't not give them the loan because racism, I didn't give them the loan because property values," argument.

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If it is legitimate racism, the government has a way to shut that whole thing down.

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The oil company will of course pay for the water-bottles residents are forced to use now that their drinking water has been poisoned. Of Course.

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...was that sexist?

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that girl is pretty, but her narrow hips indicate she is unlikely to put out. Sorry gun nuts, looks like your "rifle" is the only thing you'll be fondling.

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I've never considered myself qualified to serve in congress, but tits on christ - an autistic chimp could do a better job than this asshat. Flat tax? cut corporate tax rates in half?

If we cut corporate taxes in half, does that mean they would get even bigger subsidies?
What is half of negative billion dollars I wonder...