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OMG Mark, how is it that every time you announce something I am like, "I TOTALLY LOVES THAT SO MUCH WOW AWESOME COOL" and the rare times it's not something I've read/heard about, I go read it and fall absolutely in love again. Thank you, Mark, it's just wonderful being part of this community... And of course, being a nerfighter as well. DFTBA!

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I believe I may be able to swing this either by myself or with my boyfriend, I'd be interested in splitting the cost with others from here or with another couple. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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You are right...

I don't think "kids" and "according to plan" can ever truly belong in the same sentence...

But, my son loves books at his current age of 3! YAY!

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I would wear those on a date, yes, I am that nerdy.

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You know in Ocarina of Time, in the forest they had all those floaty things in the air... I always imagine that in the world of the Mulefa they have shiny floaty things, too. Like dust, but REAL dust, not like Dust, which, of course, they ALSO have. Or like giant pieces of pollen, or bugs that light up and stuff. :)

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I felt that way as soon as Mary found the trees, I was like, "I want to see THAT forest!"

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I think he understood, but this sentence, "Breeding more of your own kind for battle?" Makes it seem like the gallivespians are breeding more gallivespians. O_o I'm pretty sure he meant their own kind of mount, though. :)

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Anyone who can make a reference combining His Dark Materials and Lost has won the internet in my most humble opinion. Well done, good lady!

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I used to be a Christian and ascribe to the faith, and try to be good... But seeing so many Christians treat other people poorly really made me lose my faith in that religion... Since then I've developed my own belief system, and my morals are based on this: "Treat people well." It's that simple. We are all human and we all deserve the respect and love that we would want shown upon ourselves.

I want so much to help people and love people, and I can see good in people that have no friends and see no good in themselves. And all I want is to brighten their days and make them feel some happiness in their lives. I don't think religion is necessary to be this way, not at all. In fact, sometimes I think religion takes away from our ability to simply love one another because many religions comes with rules and a hierarchy. Anything with a hierarchy automatically makes a person feel "better" than someone else, and if you feel that way, how can you fully love your fellow people who are "below" you? Anyway, that's a very quick summation of my belief system. :)

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Even as a child, those words just made my heart swell with such joy at the trust and love they already have. -sigh-