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I honestly thought it was the part of your back thigh that connects to your butt I too am an Old.

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Yeah I am in the veeery beginning stages of wedding planning & was like "if that dress wouldn't make me look like a more busty Spongebob in a white potato sack I would buy it right now"

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I LOVE those shoes & have been wanting black sneakers to replace the awful lime green ones I am currently wearing (& hating every time I look at my dumb feet) but are basketball sneakers suitable for doing, like, cardio dance & HIIT workouts or are they mostly particularly either for basketball or streetstyle?

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8ish years ago I dyed my blonde hair auburn after a breakup and it was awesome and except for a 1.5 year hiatus into pastel peach I have been a redhead of varying shades ever since!

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Practice the living hell out of your introduction & stick to a memorized script but practice less & adlib more on the data slides. The planned part will get you through initial nerves but you won't sound like a weird robot the whole time. Also only use the laser pointer to briefly point out specific things because a lot of graduate students get nervous and kind of draw circles around evvverything with the laser jittering about because their hands are a little shaky & the distance amplifies it. Good luck! You will be fine!

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I think if they are both middle names it's good but my parents saddled me with two LAST names & due to their length (name equivalent to Golly Sateen Ballpeen Middleman) it doesn't fit on forms and so I applied to college with just LastLastname & now it's like I have multiple identities. IRS hijinks ensue every time I change jobs, the DMV always mis-hyphenates it (it is NOT hyphenated on my passport), and my mom cried because her last name isn't on my PhD diploma.

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Explicitly saying "champagne" is for the poors.

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I want an Oxonian vampire to take me to fancy supernatural yoga SO BADLY after reading those books. Also I am almost 33 & still waiting for my witch powers to suddenly manifest to be perfectly honest.

It's funny because I have a PhD from Yale in molecular biology & Mr.culetheory went to Oxford so reading them it was like SO CLOSE BUT YET SO FAR.

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I want the red shiny dress SO BADLY right now and it is ALMOST my size but there is no way in hell my boobs will fit in there WHY BOOBS WHY. At least it probably wouldn't arrive before NYE anyway so I can be less sad.

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'But if you take away my access to hugging, I will probably start killing, just to feel something. I’m designed that way. I’m a normal boy. And I make no apology for it." OH MY GODDDDD