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Hopefully somebody slips him a rope and a stool so he can do the right thing.

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Actually, it Obamacare is the exact OPPOSITE of this. It is using a giant load of taxpayer money to subsidize the broken hospital/insurance company cartel that is ripping us off.

Having spent my life living under both American and European health care systems I have seen the pros and cons with both, and Obamacare is incorporating all of the cons but none of the pros. It will be a nightmare.

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Unbelievable!! The private sector created a form of health care that people are satisfied with and it didn't need government involvement!

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am I really the first to make the obligatory:

"If Obama had kids they would look just like him"

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She needs her bankruptcy to go through before she gets paid for the porno she just made.

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This is the third "flashrob" in as many months that was composed entirely of black teens. Last weekend there was black "mob" of about 100 teens in Laurenhurst Park in Portland who gang beat three different groups of whites, simply for being white, including a 14 year old and an elderly couple. Can you please point me to some recent flashrobs in the area that are composed of white teens or local gangs of whites that have been going around beating up non-whites?

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I don't see the problem, they have a legal right, got the proper permits, want to be treated like everybody else. What they want doesn't affect me or my wallet, so good for them.

Occutards illegally marching to demand they can put their fingers in my wallet or illegal aliens demanding freebies (that should belong to citizens) while they are here either stealing an identity or not paying taxes, however, can go die in a fire and it will benefit all.

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demand for oil might be on a decade low for AMERICA, but we in a global market. We aren't competing for commodoties with other American's, we are competing against the rest of the world.

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The daycare had no name, sounds like an illegal daycare. There are a few reasons a daycare can't get a license, one of them is criminal records of the people running it. Be leery of unlicensed daycares.

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the construction of new refineries has basically been outlawed for the past 30+ years due to environmental regulations that make it impossible to do. I think the last refinery was built in about 1977 or so. When the Bush energy plan called for easing regulations to allow the construction of new refineries people screamed that he was just to help "big oil" make more profits. So we have less refineries and people are screaming that lower capacity is to to help "big oil" make more profits. So which is it, more refineries or less refineries that the liberals are against?