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or college education.

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My thoughts exactly. "President Obama’s reward to the federal workforce follows his longstanding belief that government work ought to be a first option for Americans." If the Republicans want total private sector employment why do they have to legislate to make it so. Why not tell businesses that unless they offer more liveable wages, better benefits, liveable retirement packages for blue collar and middle management workers then, woops, who wants to work for our lousy government except those patriotic, bleeding red, white and blue Dweebs drooling all over themselves for a life of civil service.

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After hearing ad nauseam about colors not running we get this "patriotic" design of running colors as a tribute to those who were lifted out of war.

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The country is in "distress" (thus she shows us an upside-down flag) because of the end of Ronnie's Rule. She and Miller foresee disaster with no more Reagan reign to keep us together as a country and patriotism.

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I was with you until the smoothie part. My wife and kids have heard this rant too many times: Whoever thought to mix bananas with strawberries wasn't thinking straight! (Caps lock off as I am cool with those who like the swill.)

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Eddie Snowden obviously took the one that makes you larger.

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Also, newborns (except in early 60's Kenya I've just found out) are covered in a white waxy substance called vernix caseosa that helps protect them from germs and stuff. I was amazed by the entire process of both my daughters (disclosure: not Kenyan Muslims, so...) and I'd imagine anyone who's witnessed birth would quickly question many different details of this 4th grade school project film.

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When we were kids my sister pulled the legs off of flies.

She was always good at taking things just a step further to impress the gods.

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Question: Would Romney lose his own planet in the afterlife if he bought beers for supporters?

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There is another Bush in the arsenal that I don't think Ryan can get around in 2016. Unless he's lucky enough to hoodwink all the geezers in the mid-west and come into it as reigning VP. His Randian instincts may come out then as telling Mitt, "Loyal? Faithful? Its every man for himself!"