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What are the cable and satelitte providers going to do as the exodus to the internet gets bigger. I gave up traditional TV several years ago. When I've attempted to watch at my relatives homes I can't believe that they're paying for all that reality TV and other garbage.

I'm not anti-commercial. The shows have to be paid for somehow. I'm anti bad TV. I get much better viewing choices over the internet than what is currently offered by Comcast and DirecTV.

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The company I work for is hiring. The problem we've been having is that it's almost impossible to find anyone qualified. There's a severe shortage of people with degrees in engineering..

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I gave you a thumbs up.

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What a poorly written article. It fails to make it clear that the murder took place in 2004 and the OWS event took place in 2012, eight years apart. It also does not explain what prompted the collection of DNA samples from the chain that has been connected to the OWS event or why the chain was used to hold open the emergency exit. Was the chain put there by OWS protesters, by the authorities, or by some other random individual?

I'm no expert but I don't think DNA is transferred to an object just by touching an object so how do they think the DNS got onto the chain? Was it something that had occurred recently or was it something that had occurred some time ago and is it a coincidence that the chain was used in connection with the OWS event?

This article is written in a way to promote a lot of groundless speculation. It makes me question why KOMO and AP are publishing something that is intended to tarnish the OWS movement. I'm sure that there are people that can be connected to OWS even peripherally that are less than savory. Why do these news organizations feel the need to stretch this far to make that case?

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Sounds like he has very found memories of growing up in White Center:

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There are three candidates running for office. The candidate that no one hears about is Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico.

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The research that you cite was funded by a strongly anti-gay group with an agenda to prove that homosexuality is harmful to society.

Here are some better, more reputable links:

Note: There were many links to biased articles that reported one way or another on this subject. I purposefully avoided those links. It is equally as important to avoid the biased reporting of Huffington Post and Media Matters as it is to avoid the biased reporting of the Family Research Institute (your link) and the Catholic church. The most informative links will be to those whose agenda is to gain knowledge rather than to prove a point.

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The difference is that WM has to pay to dispose of garbage. They get paid for recyclables and yard waste. When they began composting yard waste and selling the compost my bill actually went down by $6 a quarter (I only get billed once a quarter).

My guess is that WM is paying the recycling and yard waste drivers out of what they make off of those programs and that the compensation that they receive is less so they pay those drivers less. In other words, what WM makes from us to haul off our garbage is more than what they make for recycling. That's my guess about how they justify different rates of pay.

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At 75K a year you are not poor. If you were talking about 25K a year I would agree that you're poor. I know that it's tough living off of 75K a year (no sarcasm intend since that's around the same amount I make) but you're well above the median for WA state of 40K a year.

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You can report anonymously to the U.S. Dept of Labor. They would love to investigate your claim. If they find that you and your co-workers have been underpaid they'll make your employer give you back pay. Your employer will never know whether it was you or another shafted employee that filed the claim.

I know because I worked for someone that was doing the same thing (small company with 16 employees). Someone reported them and we all got paid our back wages as a result.