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I've been thinking a lot about everything going on in Washington, and the same thought constantly crosses my mind: Can elected officials be impeached for abusing power by deliberately going against the Constitution?

I checked with Webster to see the true definition of the word "impeach", and this is what I get:

"impeach: *1a: to bring an accusation against b: to charge with a crime or misdemeanor ; specifically : to charge (a public official) before a competent tribunal with misconduct in office c: to remove from office especially for misconduct

Going against the Constitution is pure misconduct by an elected official. Can impeachment be carried out on all officials caught up in this corruption? How would impeachment take place if this is possible?

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Retrieved March 27, 2009, from

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We could be the WE the People "Union" and demand these things or threaten to go on strike and picket Washington until our demands are met! Hahaha! Let's kill two birds with one stone here. :-)

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I didn't really like the Paris Hilton commercial that McCain ran during his campaign, but I'm starting to really like it now. Can we bring it back? It's more fitting now than ever!!! ;-)

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Thank you so much for your service, gTex. You are a true American!

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I was so encouraged the other night listening to Glenn. I don't remember what show it was but he said that the Constitution never changes. It contains all the laws made since it was written. Our founding fathers did this on purpose so that we can look at all at the original content as well as the changes that have been made. We can change laws back if needed. I admit that I do not know much of our nation's history, but I have been inspired to start learning more. Though times are looking so horrible right now, isn't it wonderful that so many, myself included, are waking up, becoming more educated, and doing the right thing now? It's a shame that it had to come to this but we will fix it. We just need to get the politicians out of the way. :-)

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American912, I cried as well well after watching Beck tonight, and I'm sure many Americans did as well. But this is really a good thing. If we didn't have Glenn Beck (and some others) to to inform us of the issues that we have today then most of us, myself included, wouldn't know what was going on. You are doing the right thing by voicing your concerns through this wonderful outlet. And maybe one person can't do fix this horrible situation, but together we can fix this. And I believe that we will get this fixed. :-) Each day more people are waking up to this corruption in our government, and that's what we need right now. Success will be a slow process but thanks to you and millions more we will win. Hang in there! We've all got your back! Let's fight the good fight together. ;-) Thank you for your thoughts and concerns. You give me encouragement.