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And stay tuned for more unique wisdom to come online. I'm working with several clients, some who will be joining the community of bloggers, sharing their unique wisdom. I'll be announcing them as they come online.

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Amber, you are most, most kind. It seems I'm always involved in creating some new kind of product or company so we'll see what the new year brings. I'm very optimistic. ;)

In life, I believe you get what you give. How could you not invest in people. Learning what people can achieve when you invest in them is what convinced me to take leadership and management positions. I'm blown away when we accomplish more than anyone thought possible. That's so cool! (And fulfilling on many levels.)

All my best to you.


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It shows good character to stand up, be accoutable and say you were wrong.

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Consistent is a good description. One way to stay ahead of the game is to predict the current hot technology is dead. Get's Richard on the map early for something that invariably is going to happen through the natural cycle of things anyway.

Pretty smart strategy I'd say.

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More alerts = more clicks (including accidentals) = more ads viewed.

Is this a cheap trick by Google to get more ads viewed?

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I guess it's fundamentally disturbing that the people in congress, govt agencies and our president, all who got us into this mess, are the people who are crafting legislation and are supposedly leading us out of it. Houston, we have a problem!

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Payola, my friend. There's likely some payola floating around to create a blind eye to that kind of a situation.

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Just waiting for my hair to get long enough to put in a pony tail, Michael.

lol :)

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Ya, the same joker left the same message on my blog. Guess he got us talking about his client, eh? Doh on us!

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Ya, it's amazing how wasteful we've become (and I still am.) Without being too radical about the whole thing, I think you can make some small changes that make a big difference.