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True story: I looked at the comments on the Blaze's post about Harry Reid hurting himself (one of those big rubber resistance bands snapped and sent him flying!), and the commenters were speculating that Nancy Pelosi has been savagely beating Harry Reid in secret. Is this some kind of demented fantasy they have? I do not know. http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2015/01/06/harry-rei...

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To clarify, his co-host said that while Emmer interjected his own arglebargle on the side. A couple of microns less reprehensible.

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I am preparing a dossier on Michele's successor in the House. While he's no Michele (who could ever be?) there is rich potential for political hilarity and further embarrassment to the good people of Minnesota. (Please do try to remember, fewer than 50% of voters in that one gerrymandered disgrace of a district keep doing this.)

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But look at the computer in that shot. Huge, clunky beige monitor! It's a PERIOD SET designed to show what things were like for our protagonist YEARS AGO while he was still struggling to make it.

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It's not so much that we hate him, since he is at least a Democrat who will take away everyone's guns and require quarterly abortions for all females of birthing age. It's mostly that there was no good reason for a Clinton foot soldier to have won that election except for McDonnell and the Cooch having disgraced the Republican brand in Virginia to the point that even Terry fucking McAuliffe could defeat them.

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Our dutiful Pixel is sorting it out, but there are some "backstage issues" right now. Read that however you like.

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There's no reason they can't both win, since Don Young is competing in the national division. There could be an Alaska sweep!

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I feel compelled to correct one thing about this comment, which is that Herr Morrissey is in fact a D. (In addition to dickhead and douchebag, in his case, that stands for Democrat.)

Everything else about your comment, including the drinking gun going off, I heartily endorse.

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I pre-ordered a copy of the torture report in paperback and will tote it around with me in hopes I will someday present it to Cheney for an autograph. http://www.mhpbooks.com/books/the-senate-intellig...

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On the plus side, you'd have a workforce that would accept nearly any level of mistreatment in order to avoid dying of starvation. Conservatives call this "a culture of loyalty."