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I'm in awe for two reasons:

1. These dice rock.
2. they've got their favors under control and they're not getting married till October. I'm into the 30 day countdown and I'm nowhere near done!!!

Good work, kids!

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Oh, I like this feature! I'll have to come up with a question or two. Funny about the photographer. It's one thing I've heard over and over as "what I'd do differently" whether it's not having hired one at all or having one so aggressive and in everyone's face that they were tossed off the dance floor by the groom after the salad course.

Being the family photographer & videographer & General Documentarian (in an internet-videobloggy-obsessive-Flickring kind of way)I just figured "I'll take a lot of pictures". DUH! Right. Also, I assumed we couldn't afford one on our upstate NY budget wedding but it turns out a friend of my honey's is a kick-ass photographer willing to knock off a few bucks. Still a sizeable chunk of our budget, but I know in ten years I'll be grateful.