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What are Muslim students doing in the US? Kick them out.

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Every day mountains of petrodollars flow to the coffers of the most retrograde and aggressive regimes on earth. This obscene wealth has spawned weapons procurement, international terrorism, barely-concealed bribery to colleges and politicians, worldwide funding of extremist mosques and madrassas as well as an attitude of Islamic triumphalism throughout the Mideast. It is endangering and degrading the world.
Some day, we will realize that we are wasting our time and resources trying to reform the degenerate Mideast, or to be its friend, and we, or some other outside power, will take our troops and seize that oil, because that is the simplest way to nip this problem in the bud once and for all.

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This page's background never turned white.

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Grover Norquist represents the plutocratic wing of the Republican Party. Given the enormous financial resources of the Middle East petrocracy, it should hardly be surprising that there would be Islamist fellow travelers among conservatives. I'm actually surprised that the situation is not worse than it is.

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Very interesting, but Karsenty was hard to understand. Suggestion: When interviewing non-native speakers of English, provide subtitles.

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Vladimir Putrid and his KGB Kleptocracy. Arming terrorist regimes is our business, but not our only business.

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Whipping up nationalistic fervor to further autocratic ambitions is one of the 14 tenets of fascism.

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Suicide bombings rapidly increased in Israel after the Oslo agrrement when the Israelis withdrew and handed control to the PLO. So much for the occupation as a cause.

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Nonie Darwish is so right in her thinking. Imagine if her attitudes were the norm in the Middle East; that region would be a shining example to the world, instead of the troubled hell-hole that it is.
Her viewpoint will eventually prevail, because it is in everyone's self interest to get along and reject strife-inducing ideologies. That's why most major religions (not Islam) emphasize universal brotherhood.
What we need to do now is to figure out how to clone Nonie Darwish...

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The reason many conservatives dislike Wilders is because his thesis that Islam itself is the problem implies that the Republican initiated wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are doomed to fail ultimately as long as those countries are governed by Muslims.
What many conservatives want to hear is that a tiny minority of extremists have hijacked a peaceful religion, and that therefore our military efforts will ultimately succeed.
Islam has't been hijacked, it's been hyper-financed since 1973 by OPEC, which is the root cause of the Global Jihad.
Wilders is correct