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Weird. Mark Fidelman wrote this article... I think. I don't know why my name is on it at the author. I'll ask Sarah. Yeah, this was a long time ago, but I recall Mark surveyed several dozens of executives from open source companies. This clearly was not very scientific, but I thought it was a fun list then and I still do. Take a look at what many of these have achieved since this list launched.

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Only public pages are shown in the sitemap. Now, if you have a public child page and a private parent, then the parent will be shown, but that\'s an unusual situation.

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Totally agree. Product docs are the \"home base\" for companies social media strategies and customer engagement.

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Ah yes, more proof that Mark is human.

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Thanks for the input Destry. It\'s great to be introduced to more content strategists.

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Hey Mark,

Seems like an eternity ago doesn't it. :-) If you have any screenshots please send them my way.

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I believe adding MathML support would be a trivial matter and require simply adding a new content transform. This is pretty easy to do. I should also mention MindTouch Deki supports LaTex out-of-the-box.

If you're a customer, the support team can help you with this request. Otherwise the community is quite active and should prove useful. http://mindtouch.com/Community

I recommend posting this to the forums or asking MindTouch Developers in IRC.

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