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Does no one remember that President Bush went into Iraq with the full agreement and consent of the US Congress? I think that's more than Obama bothered to get. He just wanted the cover of the rest of the world, regardless of their values, motives, and records in the international arena. Since when does the American President need the rest of the world to give permission to act?

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Using the perspective of some 77 years, and having grown up in a Detroit much different from the one currently residing in southern Michigan, I can safely say that a total strike by public school teachers would be a boon -- medicine for a very sick system. Maybe then we could find a way to educate our children, not just house them in a convenient place to gather them for the brain washing service. Has anyone figured out why so few graduate, know anything, or can even spell their own names?

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Does it bother anyone that Romney/Massachusetts health care is a state program, not a federal one? If history serves me right, I believe that the states are empowered to do anything their occupants approve, by virtue of the Tenth Amendment. The fact that Massachusetts has a health care system is not relevant to the question of whether the United States is empowered to do the same thing. It is, however, an object lesson that allows us to evaluate its provisions and see the results of its enactment, complete with unintended consequences. Beware of extrapolating results of a similar action in a non-comparable situation. Maybe we should just have the debate instead of sitting by while our "representatives" act out of their own self interest, using tactics that were appropriate to Al Capone.

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Sorry Obie, but I didn't get the memo that changed telling the truth to hate speech. Why can't you nitwits dispute the facts for once????

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Seems to me he has the Constitution in his bones!

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It might be good to remember that George Washington was a terrible public speaker -- but he was a magnificent statesman. We got a smooth talker the last time, and look where that put us!

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We'll never solve travesties like this one until we muster up the guts to do away with the Gerrymandering system we use to insure the tenure and power of political idiots!

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Where were the police? This was on private property where they had no business being, and I'd bet anything they didn't have a permit to stage a rally! Rule of Law be damned!!!

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Sharia law, my eye! Since when does some radical group get to come into our country and write their own laws to be followed while here? Can we really be that gutless??? They may have bought the land and paid for it; but there's no law saying we have to give them a building permit!

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Love the idea, the pictures, and that they invoke all that is great about America. The only problem is that the instrumentation is so loud, I had a very difficult time understanding the words. God bless the author, his courage, and the spirit that inspires such songs!