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The left are never ruthless enough with their conservative opponents in the Labour Party they never use their temporary majorities or positions of power to expel the right. They pay for this weakness by being attacked and expelled by the right when the right gain the upper hand. The problem with an independent socialist party is it would likely be small and unelectable, and if it wasn't it would be infiltrated by right wing conservative stooges. The election of Corbyn as Labour leader proves that it can be done. The fight for socialism should continue in the Labour Party at least in England. In Scotland I think the situation is different and an independent socialist party might be electable at some point.

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I disagree with with Western journalists advising Russia to be more anti-West. I think there is an obvious advantage to Europe in trading with Russia which will eventually overcome prejudice. This possibility has increased with Brexit.

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Historical materialism suggests that culture is predicated upon economics. This is no straight equation however. As society is prone to influence from other countries which alters that equation. Marx predicted socialism would arise first in the most advanced capitalist countries but it didn't. If China's political system is flexible enough to steer the fast flowing waters of advanced capitalist development then perhaps they add a new chapter to political theory and if they do this by engineering legitimacy through linking it to Confucianism then so be it.

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As the USA rose in economic power from the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century it was challenging the world's dominant power, the United Kingdom. There were those who thought it could lead to war but it didn't. Instead these two powers united as allies to defeat the rise of Germany. If nuclear war starts to appear as if it is on the agenda for the USA against China or Russia, people's survival instinct might well defeat their herd instinct.

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A new world in the making. The West will no longer run the world. For the first time in the modern era a non Western power will lead the world and challenge the powers that be, by filling in for their shortfalls in global governance. Its quite exciting to imagine different values and ideals competing for primacy on the global stage. Greed will supersede politics hopefully and the Western companies will jump on board the Chinese initiative of international infrastructure investment and the trade opportunities flowing from that. It is difficult to imagine what the USA will do in response to a situation where it loses the position of world dominance but hopefully not nuclear war with China at least.

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We live in the age of right and left wing conspiracy theories. Most of us don't know what to believe and it results in apathy. Some people are zealots certain that they know the truth. I think the truth is we live in a time of oligarchy, where a tiny handful of billionaires control the mass media and the internet to a large extent. They protect their interests. It seems clear that the game is the same as it has always been: how is it possible for a tiny handful of people to rule over hundreds of millions and make that society run for the benefit of the few? Writers of various kinds sell their souls acting in the interests of the richest people in society.

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I meant usually assassins try to hide their identity so this story is incredible.

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The good thing about the poison is that it identifies the perpetrators. I mean that is quite fortunate.

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An integrated Afro-Eurasian land mass. What an economy that will be.

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Thanks so much for your thoughtful, honest and considered response.