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A couple of years ago I read of a speech by Commie Dear where he actually used the words 'our members must never write anything good about the BNP'
But I can't find it now. I think it was linked from the old BNP website, would any of your readers be able to find it?

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Please, please, please can they get weyman on the panel. Come on Question Time producers, give the whole nation a laugh.

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I can't wait for the media headlines:
'Gordon goes insane - BNP blamed'

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Hmmmm..... I remember attending the count for a recent by-election in the village next door to Brinsley, again under the same Broxtowe returning officer.
All candidates, counting agents and guests were kept outside the counting room for over half an hour, then when the doors were finally opened - lo and behold a local labour councillor was already in there!
We should be highly suspicious of the electoral process in Broxtowe.
And this is not paranoia - in my patch, Ashfield, the Returning Officer and his staff go out of their way to ensure they are above reproach. They are excellent.

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Great post TP, I hope you don't mind I've copied and pasted onto our local blog.

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What I would have given to have seen his face...

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Can you get to Manchester tomorrow for an interview?

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Excellent, where do we mail the money to for your ticket to the UK?

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Yes Edward, it was a good day. I suppose our opponents will try to belittle our claims, but as everyone who passed through the shopping centre will have seen for themselves, it is our opponents who will be left with egg on their faces.
Obviously the local media will ignore whats happening, just as they all ignored the biggest political party meeting for years in Ashfield last month. The Chad, Evening Post and BBC TV were all notified that the meeting in Sutton was to be the biggest for any party for years, maybe ever, yet all chose not to cover it. And they say they offer a news service?