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Two things not mentioned above, but were in the video trailer;

1. The film takes place in today’s world as if the Roman Empire still existed.

2. The obvious, to me anyways, were the overtones to America today.

Am I going to see this film? Hell yeah.

John, thank you for the post.

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My modem died the other day and it took me 36 hours to replace and talking to others, my reaction to being cut-off from the internet was typical.

Having said that, if any, any politician starts to build a framework that will limit or cut-off internet access for law abiding people, that politician's goose is cooked and his career will be finished right quick.

Every elected official in America is wise to take notice of the fact that one doesn't screw with the free speech of Americans.

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Battle: Los Angeles is a love letter to the U.S.M.C., what is really shocking is that it was ever made.

And yeah, it's the most under-rated film of the year and it's an instant classic.

Disagree? I - don't - care!

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Yeah, The Spanish Prisoner was awesome, as was The Game.

I never saw Cop Land.

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True, however her character was a hooker fulfilling the "movie star" fantasy, in her case it was Veronica Lake, check her out ->

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L.A. Confidential should have swept every major category.