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In the face of rampaging Viking invasions, The English resorted to paying them of with so called Dane Geld. It is stated that the main threat to Britain comes from Pakistan and Afghanistan. So is this aid acually a modern form of Dane Geld.? Is this an insurance being paid to insurgents? I don't believe in any part of British policy is effective. Where's the logic in spending our money to keep Pakistan "stable" or waste young mens' lives in Afghanistan when the kith and kin of tribal Pakistanis and Afghans are living here in our towns and cities. The American Government ist as stupid as ours. The American Moslem major who has just killed twelve comrades in America is being described as being devastated at the thought of being sent to Afghanistan. Any excuse to explain his actions other than he was following his instincts like the bas..d who turned on our troops earlier this week. I can'y help but think these two events are linked and there will be more. Shutting our borders to these incompatible aliens is the only answer.

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This asylum business is all crap. When there is all out fighting in a country you may well see streams of refugees fleeing combat areas, looking for safe regions within that country or just over the border,as happened in the two World Wars. This asylum business is an altogether modern phenomena. These people are not displaced, moneyless, at risk people but are often fit,strong folk who have had considerable funds by which to cross the world. The magnet as we all know, is soft touch Britain. However, it suits the British Establishment in their agenda to destroy the people and culture as represented by the original white populace of our islands. A well informed acquaintance has told me that there is an imminenet, big scandal waiting to break which will make the "expences" scandal seem mimor. Proof will be leaked that today's Britain is the result of a planned policy.

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HAH, SOME Reich Chancellor. Even Adolf Hitler didn't sell out his country and people for monetary and material gain. There are similarities however. Hitler did and Blair will, lead Europe to disaster.
The urge to oppose a united Europe under the Nazis while a predatry Asiatc power, Russia picked up the spoils, equates with today's scenario except that the Asiatic power is already over the gate and living and multiplying in our cities.

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This is interesting but I would suggest that there is a bit of the John Sergeant factor. The British People do not like to see the under dog ganged up on. That alone will not carry a party forward. Continuing to show the British People that the consensual parties ar actually planning and pursuing their racial demise and what that actually means is the only way forward. Just remember that the crowds that in the first instance hailed the Messiah later howled "Barabas,Barabas, Barabas!" The fickleness of public opinion has been there down there down the ages. I hope that soon there will be an awakening because if there is not then Jack Straw's, "The English as a race are not worth saving" will have proved to be all too true.

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Yes, yes, yes! We can repeat this mantra over and over. We need to decide how to win over the British Public not keep repeating what we all believe, simply as a way of getting rid of our stress.

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Nick did well. In that hostile and set up environment no one could have "shone" any better. It raises issues however about all sorts of issues, one of which is how to deal with future media opportunities. Nick Griffin may be the best we have but he is one person and a party cannot develop on only one personality. I have seen and heard, well meaning supporters of the BNP made to look like inarticulate prats, not because they are but because professional media people know how to make them appear so. There should be a move in thge party to develop professional leadership indepth. A lesser person the Nick on that disgraceful programme and this party may well have been a gonner! Enthusiasm, rhetoric and a go get 'em attitude expressed on these pages will not of themselves advance the Nationalist Cause. The opportunity to advance has arrived. It won't last forever. I hope what I am saying gets past the moderator and if it does I hope I don't get howled down. As a former professional educator, I can say that there is a real issue in the way that the media is dealt with. Willing amateurs, without training are lambs to the slaughter.

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The Telegraph has a piece today entitled, "Cowardice on Immigration has allowed the BNP to flourish".
A co-author being Nicholas Soames. The thesis is, that basically the main parties have failed to tackle a subject that is of concern to most British people and that BNP is the ONLY party to address those concerns. Well naughty BNP, duuuuh! Fancy doing that but of course if this Party hadn't made it a focus the established parties still wouldn't give a damn. I can see what is going to happen. The "main" parties will make control of immigration a major issue and claim the policy as their own. The fools don't realise that the blinkers are coming off the eyes of the electorate. The BNP is about more than immigration control. How about staying out of illegal wars, control of greedy bankers, ending the careers of corrupt politicians? Are you going to pinch all our policies eventually. The BNP is a complete package you Lib/Lab/Cons are just political cancers. SORRY! That was a typing error. I meant CHANCERS!

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Yes it is. He was the last legitimate King of England. The colours are red white and blue. The great white boar represents the noble and ferocious spirit of old England, unlike the modern pigs in the troughs MPs. It is also un- PC as it represents an animal that some feel to be offensive. And your reason for asking was????

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Aldous Huxeley wrote, "If you treat the stomach as though it was a bucket, it will in all probably reject the nourishment in a paroxism of nausea. So will the mind". The "Establishment" over egged its cause in the build up to Question Time. They threw in too much junk intellectual food and nauseated the minds of a huge number of people. You had the hysterical Hain and his bleating, the so called release of the membership list, (interestingly, I wasn't on it), constant media hype etc, etc, etc. The good old British public have begun to think, "Hand on, I'm sick of this. What's going on? Why IS all this negative atttention being foccussed on one party? The Establishment have miscalculated in treating peoples' minds like buckets and pumping crap into them.

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Civis Romanus, I am a Roman Citizen, the passport throughout the Empire. Black soldiers and woman two thousand yeras ago is a a very tenuous argument that a multicultural Britain was in existence. I liked your inference that the factors that brought down Rome are still at work. I also believe, that as with the fall of Rome we have become a decadent entity at the mercy of barbaric hordes.