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Time to get the workout video out the door and produce that cooking show to earn some filthy lucre. I don't think the political game will be in town for much longer.

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Science uses too many words and ideas. I need it to sound science like but still be accessible. More pictures please.

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Can you imagine the terabytes of drivel those servers will have to process? Probably almost as much the the crumby programming our brains are sifting through.

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Ethan Czahor's last tweet 15 hrs ago. "i deleted some old jokes i made years ago that i no longer find funny or appropriate." #learning #maturing
Good to know that he figured out how wrong they were all on his lonesome as I doubt it had anything to do with learning or maturing.

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Ted Cruz always reminds me of a guy who needs to shave his tongue. I have no idea what that means.

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The comments on Amazon say more than I ever could.

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Pffft. The cats out of the bag already puritans. A youngster just told me what truffle butter was. I am officially an old.

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I think the retribution against anti-vaxxers should there be a significant loss of life due to some horrible outbreak (knocks on wood) would probably negate the award itself. But ok, it was a bit thin.

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Get those Darwin awards ready!

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I used to work in a full service gas station with a 60 year old duster named Crowbar who was saner than this dude.