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The castro gang like others of that ilk have made themselves billionaires. Corbyn says billionaires are a sign of an unfair society. Got something right at last.

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If people in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds want to meet up, the quickest and most direct way is for all to train to London.
We need cross country links not another line to London.

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No, but Corbyn is for billionaires as long as they are socialist redeemers like the Castro family and the similar.

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Golds should be immediately put in charge of the EC.

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It's all right moaning about congestion charges but something has to be done about chocked city transport outside London. Here in Leeds in can sometimes take the best part of an hour to move 5 miles across town. Just getting to the rail station is a stressful gamble every time, even at times you'd think the roads would be quiet.
Privatised bus services are extortionate - typically £3 for a short journey.
London has reliable fast tube and extremely cheap TFL bus fares.
Too late for tubes up here but we could have elevated rails if there was the will.

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It seems to be straight conflict between the local democracy and the centre.
Aside from the personal issues, the local party will have to consider what the voters will think, and it might be that they will find difficulty linking the texts (which the Sun has kindly listed) to their understanding of what mental health problems are.

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Too easy to become a lawyer and rise in the profession as we regularly see from idiotic decisions by judges.
Intellectual and especially ethical standards need to be much higher: no dimwits from faux universities and no complacent old boys and girls who would never have made it if they hadn't come from feather-bedded backgrounds.

There are other miscarriages as well as cases with soldiers. As COLDHOUSE says above we are all equal before the law. Its the failing legal profession that needs reform, not the special cases of soldiers.

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Someone should be able to figure out which is more cost effective, supporting the radical needs of the blind/deaf/severely disabled with high class specialists in schools or in separate special buildings. The push for integration was substantially driven by the perceived need for everyone to regard these disabilities as something a person had, not something a person was. We know all that now and can focus on what works best.
As to ADHD. If the DSM guidelines were adhered to there would be few abuses of the diagnosis but it is often in parents' interests to have their ill-raised child so labelled. It's a parallel problem to the one GPs face when antibiotics are demanded for ailments they can't alleviate. God knows how that can be solved.

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Good suggestions. Cooperative ownership and management could start with collegiate control of school and universities where the freakshow ideologues would soon find themselves out of work.

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I've heard it claimed that a prospective Gurkha recruit who failed the entry threw himself off a mountain in shame for that very reason.