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If people were susceptible to reason, here's a possible bridge for the abyss between the two sides.

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Interesting you should say that. I told one of kids that when we were at Jesuit school we were led to believe that you could always tell a non-Catholic by their eyes (dull, soulless etc). One of his NI friends (40 years younger than me) had told him exactly the same thing - from the other side of the divide - that catholic eyes gave away their missing souls!
And I thought all that was history.

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Ahh - are you not assuming that evil deeds are reaction, not self-generated? The same fallacy we hear when we are told that this or that fellow was radicalised - as if he were a puppet and not responsible for his actions.
We are not going to agree on this - if you adopt the 'turn the other cheek and love your enemy' Christian position, there's no bridge to me, who hates, among a long list, the Sunnis who assaulted Yazidi girls - to the point where I would cheer anything happening to them however bestial.

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When I was an infant I was taught by RC nuns that Protestants did not have souls. My grandfather told me that I came home from school one day and announced that prostitutes did not have souls. I now see that the word I was looking for was Politician.

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yes, but the point I'm making is that we should not feel guilty about hate - so long as the object is a deserving one, and we are rational and proportionate in our hatred. The phrase, hate the sin and not the sinner, - attributed to various peacemakers (St Augustine, Gandhi) is maybe one way of managing our emotions.
In the past when I was working I've sat face to face with victims of atrocities in the middle east. I'm not a religious person but listening to their testimony I swear I felt the room turn cold with something evil pressing down on us. To say that I do not hate the perpetrators would be a lie. That almost all went free was because the UN and other bodies are bereft of any morality. Had they hated like I did, and do, those criminals would not have been free to join ISIS atrocities later.

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No, Harry. Love is blind, not hate.

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I take it you are equally exercised about trans insults directed at ancients like Germaine Greer?
But as she would say, grow up, learn to accept some folks don't like you, and they're entitled to their own opinion, wrong or right. The world is not a nursery school.

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A good judgement at last. 'Not to be able to speak your mind? Why, that is slavery', says a character in Aristophanes.

A big review is needed in which nursery-talk about hate speech gets kicked aside. I hate paedophiles, rapists, religious bigots, and people who say 'listen to the science.' If police and politicians had shared my hatreds a whole lot of vicious crimes would have been dealt with a lot sooner.

Let's have more hatred. Let's nurture it, and a learn how to hate in the right proportion, the right objects for the right reasons.

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Didn't one house builder pay himself £70 million last year? I suspect he thinks, job well done.

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A big rethink needed and an end to nursery-speak.
Faux-sensitive people need to accept that other people don't always do just what they want. If someone's opinion of you hurts, tough. That's life.

And hatred needs nurturing not silencing. If the police and labour councils had hated the gang-abuse of schoolgirls they would have acted decades ago. If the police and their political masters hated the disruption of work and ordinary life by XR Nazis they would not stand by with smiles on their stupid faces as they did again yesterday. If those judges and fools campaigning to stop deportations hated the crimes they would shut up.

Hatred of correct targets in the correct proportion is essential. to moral, civilised life. It should be on the national Curriculum.