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You know what's not helping? Being an ass for no reason. The internet has plenty of that without you piling on. All Bob said was that it was brave of her to come out. That's not wrong. She didn't have to do this and she doesn't stand to gain anything professionally from it.

Kudos to Ms. Page.

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I had no idea he was attached to the movie until this trailer. And he's wearing a pimp suit to boot! As if giant robots vs monsters wasn't awesome enough. And they said KAIJU in an American movie trailer. Oh man, I am so fucking in. I hope this movie makes a billion dollars.

Also, if this movie does make major bank will someone finally greenlight At The Mountains of Madness?

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This movie suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkeeeeeedddd!

That's all.

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I think this is the best solution for all parties. Nolan has never been terribly passionate about superhero comics. He had a really great, original take on Bats and it made for 2 1/2 excellent movies, but if we're being honest I don't think he would have even done the third one if he didn't feel an obligation to finish the trilogy from the studio. Warner Bros probably doesn't realize it yet, but this is for the best. Get some people in there who love the source material and really care about bringing the essence of these characters to the screen.

That's why the Marvel movies all work, the people working on them all buy in 100%. The producers over there know the characters inside and out and they keep finding the perfect people to do them right. Whedon seems obvious now, but he was just the Buffy guy whose Scifi movie flopped before Avengers made him a household name. They saw his work with large casts, snappy dialogue, and his obvious love of comic books and they took a fly on a relatively small name for one of the biggest movies ever. Kenneth Branagh was a strange choice for a summer action flick, but no one was better qualified for the melodramatic Asgard scenes than he was. Joe Johnston's last movie before Cap was The Wolfman in 2010, a huge bomb. And his last movie before THAT was Hidalgo in 2004. His last legitimate hit was Jumanji in 1995. His name couldn't have been less hot in Hollywood, but he gets the 1940s pulp stuff like almost no one else in the business and he nailed that character. Jon Favreau's directorial resume before Iron Man was Zathura and Elf. Not exactly a bankable action director. But he had a vision and that vision included Robert Downey Jr. (who I understand he fought for). Passion makes a movie work. The goofier the premise the more true that becomes. Nolan doesn't have a great passion for superheroes, especially the ones with superpowers. Let him go back to making scifi flicks and bring in some people who really give a shit about the Justice League. Preferably people who get that the silly crap they keep trying to back away from is what makes people care about those characters in the first place. Wonder Woman should NOT be this damn hard to get on screen. And the porn parody of her SHOULDN'T have the best live action version of her costume to date. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/61620 Green Lantern deserved BETTER than he got. This nowhere near as hard as Warners is making it look and trying to wedge Nolan in there to fix it because he's bankable was just the latest in a shockingly long series of blunders.

I love most of Nolan's work, but I'm THRILLED he's not involved in this anymore.

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That looks great. How come I've heard literally nothing about this project until now? A high profile actor, a critical darling director, and a divisive social issue at the core of the story that the news media can turn into debate fodder. I should have been salivating for this one for months by now.

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Wow. That's some really terrible news. I always enjoyed his work, even when I disagreed with him. His passion for film always showed through in his reviews. He was a man who truly seemed to enjoy his job. We should all be so lucky.

Goodbye, Mr. Ebert.

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That looks awesome. Michael Cera as king of the douches is fantastic.

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Right? I was wondering if that's going to be Kickass' thing. Bringing in big name stars on their way downhill to ham it up playing costumed nutters while Chloe Moretz curses like a sailor.

If so I hope they get 3 more movies..

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No, that's still a legitimate concern. Kickers are the most protected position in the league (they even have their own penalty, Roughing the Kicker, if you smack them without just cause), but there are situations where they get hit legally and plenty of times where incidental contact or illegal hits happen.

Kickoffs are especially dangerous for kickers who try to run downfield and cover the return. Occasionally you'll see a kicker at the college or pro level get absolutely rocked by the opposing team when they see a chance to hit a kicker who is downfield and not paying close enough attention to their surroundings.

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I think it's awesome that she got an invite to the combine, but realistically she doesn't stand much of a chance of being drafted. Aside from good old fashioned sexism, there are legitimate concerns with spending a draft pick on someone who's never kicked in front of a big crowd before. The pressure is staggering and even 10+ year vets like David Akers (who had a terrible season last year that mostly gets explained by the yips) sometimes fold under it. I'm not sure the NFL is ready to make this leap, but it's pretty cool that they're at least flirting with the idea of it.