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11 years ago @ asymco - Verizon Strikes Out in... · 2 replies · -7 points

So Verizon is striking out because AT&T has an exclusive on the iPhone? But what happens when Verizon has it, too. As someone who just switched from AT&T to Verizon, I couldn't be more pleased.

And I switched from a iPhone 3G to a Droid X. Two years ago, Apple was the clear-cut favorite. Now, to me, they are essentially even. In two years, I expect Android to have a solid lead and these numbers to be an interesting footnote.

11 years ago @ Big Journalism - Josh Marshall: Prescie... · 0 replies · +4 points

Bush didn't keep light hours, he just managed his time efficiently.

It is the quality of the time you spend doing something that matters, not the quantity. But quality is a virtue that escapes people like Marshall.

12 years ago @ TechCrunch - You Know Where Else It... · 2 replies · +13 points

I just logged in to Mahalo to check... you seem to be right. Of course, I don't know what I would get out of deleting my account except possibly freeing up the username for someone else - unlike Facebook, it doesn't have much information about me, not even my actual name.

Maybe implementing account deletion and exporting was something that one dude was working on before he left.

12 years ago @ TechCrunch - Exclusive: Twitter's D... · 0 replies · +1 points

What appears to be his comment on this story: http://twitter.com/ablegrape/status/14870033310

12 years ago @ TechCrunch - Digg's Biggest Problem... · 1 reply · +9 points

Kevin started Digg with a $1000 investment. If he gets out now, I think the ROI will have been pretty good. He may not have made as much money as the Zuck, but he didn't sell out his soul/users in the process, either.

12 years ago @ Big Journalism - Rats Leaving Sinking S... · 0 replies · +1 points

Bonus question: whose show gets canceled first: Matthews’s, Dylan Ratigan’s (again) or Keith Olbermann’s?

Should that read "Keith Olbermann’s (again)?"

Olbermann said he told MSNBC executives that "in good conscience, I don't think you should invest in me long-term. Get somebody up there who wants to do this." - Washington Post, 11/16/98

Apparently he only returned to MSNBC when he no longer had a conscience.