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I don't know why "you look like the proverbial cat that ate the equally proverbial canary" is so hilarious to me, but it is.

I don't understand why G'Kar didn't already know that the Shadows are afraid of telepaths? Obviously he had no way of knowing the "because telepaths can disrupt the connection between Shadow ships and their humanoid pilots" part, but the "Shadows are afraid of telepaths" part is clear as day in his holiest book, and went unnoticed until he lent it to Garibaldi, who didn't know the language?

I'm not entirely sure how the "have to make sure the Shadows don't know how much they know" thing worked, either, to be honest. Were they counting the on the Shadows counting on both the Minbari having no surviving records and the Vorlons not intelligibly warning anyone?

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I think this would have worked a lot better if Lyndisty has been less overtly creepy from the beginning. We should be able to believe she is someone Vir could fall head over heels for in a short time in a way that is deeper than lust and susceptibility to flattery, and then shocked when her true nature is revealed, but both the writing and acting choices lay on Maximum Creepy from the begining, so Vir just seems like an easy mark for not seeing it.

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The mistake with the orders always seemed too big a stroke of good luck for our heroes, even if it did take Sheridan a while to notice it. These are big events to turn on a technical procedural blunder by EarthGov. It's only a temporary reprieve, though, and by taking advantage of it Sheridan has now outed himself as an opponent of the Clark administration.

About that prophecy. . .
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I think Ivanova did know what the plan was, she just didn't have faith in it. Sheridan says "Delenn's plan will work," not "Delenn has a plan."

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I think this may have been the first episode I saw!

Sixty days isn't that much, all things considered, between how beat up Londo and Vir were and Dust's effects being referred to as "a form of telepathic rape." Probably the ombud was sympathetic to the Narn's plight.

The Kosh-G'Kar scene was well-done, but I thought the "what's important is who's suffering now!" bit was kind of out of place? It's the Narn. The Narn are still the ones suffering.

[rest of the series] Juvyr T'Xne jvyy erznva gur orfg punenpgre ba gur fubj, sebz urer ba bhg ur'f tbvat gb unir gb qryvire n ybg bs gur zber hasbeghangr "WZF guvaxf guvf vf irel jvfr naq cebsbhaq, lbh fubhyq nyy or irel vzcerffrq" zngrevny. Juvpu znxrf frafr, fvapr Xngfhynf frrzf gb or gur orfg ng fryyvat vg.

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Would have liked a scene where they attempt to run some of those highly advance science questions past highly advanced alien Kosh, who of course displays his usual level of helpfulness about it.

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I believe the "Join the army, they said!" thing originates with Asterix comics.

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Love that part, always a little iffy about "victory" being "something greater"