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Could be siblings or otherwise related, they look like they have fairly similar complexions.

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When Pearl started talking about the diamonds she clamped her hand over mouth, then seemed to try to pry it off with the other hand, implying that she was being very literal when she said that some things were impossible for her to explain and is fighting some sort of failsafe that prevents her from revealing certain information.

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One nice thing this movie did is lower my expectations for The Force Awakens in a way that may have contributed to how much I enjoyed that movie. Abrams is just more suited for Star Wars I guess? Perhaps there was an omen of that in the phasers shooting slower-than-light/also-slower-than-bullets glowy projectiles.

One thing the movie really does have going for it is great casting. Pines makes the wise decision not to try to replicate Shatner's cadence, but the body language and so forth is spot on, and everyone's performances seemed spot on, even the ones like Pegg and Saldana who don't look a thing like their counterparts. Even the actually-Russian Anton Yelchin did a great impersonation of Walter Koenig's awful Russian accent.

So third-year Cadet Kirk got promoted not only over Commander Spock and Lieutenant Uhura (well, she's referred to as Lieutenant but also clearly lives in the Starfleet Academy dorms with the cadets, what's up with that?) but also every other officer on the ship who wasn't a cadet yesterday. I know a bunch of Starfleet got killed by Nero, but how is he going to maintain authority under these conditions? How is going to have any idea what he's doing? They could have ended the movie with a Several Years Later flash-forward.

Am I misreading this plot point, or did Spock Prime, by preventing Kirk from telling Spock that he was acting on information from the future, unnecessarily complicate the saving of Earth from the same fate that just befell Vulcan for the sake of a team-building exercise?

So now when someone talks about "Captain Kirk seducing green-skinned space babes!" they are actually correct and not misremembering his predecessor Captain Pike being tempted with a vision of a green-skinned space babe, which he resisted. Is she all right, by the way? Did we ever see her after we found out a bunch of Starfleet got massacred?

So the Enterprise was built on the ground, and then presumably towed into orbit by another starship or something, which seems like it would make the whole process more complicated than it needed to be. A really small thing, sure, but kind of emblematic of the spectacle-focused nature of the movie.

Scotty killed Admiral Archer's dog. :( Probably not Porthos unless future veterinary science has seriously extended dog lifetimes, but still :(

Apparently the original ending of the movie involved Spock expressing skepticism that he and Kirk would become great friends, so Spock Prime shows him a birthday message from Kirk Prime. Shatner wouldn't go for it because he wanted a bigger role and "doesn't do cameos."

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Mr. Strider, your thoughts?

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In one of Ian M. Banks' Culture books, there's a species with the opposite situation to what's going on in this episode- males and females are oppressed by the third sex, apex, with the apex characters all referred to as "he"- and there's a "translator's note" explaining that while this species' language has three pronoun genders and the Culture's language only has one, for those of you reading this book in a language with two pronoun genders the apex are described with pronouns best evoking their privileged position in society- so I guess this episode is going for a similar thing.

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Seriously, I do wish we had a little more insight into Steven's understanding of the war- like, we know he hates the idea of shattering gems and hates the idea that his mom ever did this, but he also appears to believe "If it weren't for my mom, they wouldn't even be trying to destroy the Earth"?

I mean, Steven is, or should be, well-aware that if it weren't for his mom, the Diamonds wouldn't be trying to destroy the Earth because they would have already done so thousands of years ago. People have explained this to him multiple times. He's seen what the hollowed-out gem colony would have looked like in "It Could Have Been Great." I guess when Steven says "if it weren't for my mom", he means something like "if my mom had started the war, but had found a different way of ending it that would have resulted in the Diamonds losing interest in Earth forever", and calling her a "war criminal" a few episodes ago could just be him not having a super firm grasp of what a "war criminal" is, but even Greg recently referred to "she started a war" as Rose's "mistake", and. . . I feel like it could be better spelled out what these characters actually believe the situation to have been?